Make Up Break Up (2021)

by Lily Menon
ASIN/ISBN: 9781250761996
Publication: February 02, 2021

**I was provided a copy of the book by the publisher through NetGalley. I voluntarily read and reviewed it. All opinions are my own.**

Make Up Break Up is about rival app makers, Annika, who believes in the power of love and second chances even if she may never find love herself, and Hudson Craft, who likes having clean breaks. When Hudson and Break Up move their offices next door, Annika cannot help but be a lot miffed (and petty…hehehe) at their success, especially because she is adamant he stole her idea. But, her thoughts also often drift to their summer fling in Las Vegas.

Make Up Break Up brings girl power to the table with an optimistic Indian main character in the tech industry who is passionate about her business. I liked Annika’s idealistic view on love and relationships; it’s one I cannot help but support (okay, fine I largely subscribe to it myself…hahaha). As much as I liked her, she complained a lot about Hudson and Break Up…a lot. I wanted her to get to work and show him that her app was better–because it really is. What speaks better than blowing people away with your work? I admired that she sticks to her morals throughout the novel, but she can also be judgmental. I wasn’t a big fan of her disregard for what he thought was important and the sacrifices he was willing to make–but that’s probably me being picky since I share some of Hudson’s feelings on family. Also, Hudson is undeniably sexy as both rival and love interest. I was conflicted over some of the changes I saw in Hudson especially because I don’t know how reliable I found it, despite the hints being here and there all along.

The book is predictable, but I don’t mind predictability as long as it’s done well. The ride needs to be interesting, and for the most part, it is, especially with the chemistry-filled run-ins and showdowns between the leads. There was one thing that Hudson did which I thought pushed the boundaries a bit–it made me mad–and I don’t think it should have been easily forgiven. I might be making it sound worse than it is but I’m still bitter about it. I would have liked more petty antics, allowing it more of the rom-com vibe Menon was potentially going for. Overall, Make Up Break Up is a good choice to start the most romantic month with.