Quarterly Progress 2021: Q3 (July – September)


  • READING GOAL: 125 Books
    Woohoo! Smashed this goal!
    • Q1: 60 books
    • Q2: 51 books
    • Q3: 72 books


    Current NetGalley Ratio: 74%
    Hey! Look! It went up by a few peecentages! It will probably head back down soon. I reviewed 4 ARCs from my backlog. I am very happy because it means I’ll be able to request new ones! Ha! The life of a reader, right?! Looking for new books when there are still so many unread on the shelf.
    So…I forgot about these because I was too wrapped up with other things and other books.



  • Blogging Goal: 51 Posts
  • Blogging Goal: 1 Year Milestone


  • Read Cinderella is Dead


  • readathons are more likely to be accomplished in the summer.
    I successfully completed all the prompts for Trope-ical Readathon: August 2021. It was as I suspected during March that I would be able to be productive with reading when it didn’t contend with work. I’ll still participate in the Spring round of it but will keep in mind that it’s okay to not complete all the prompts.
  • it’s good to venture into different subgenres when a slump is lurking.
    Romances are my comfort reads, but I generally stick to the same type of contemporary romances. When work and school got a little too much for me at the beginning of the semester, I turned to rereads. As some of the books started to feel dull, I dove into subgenres I normally do not read. I read a few military romance thrillers–something I wouldn’t have considered before– and it helped me get out of the slump. Of course, I kept wanting to turn to the last page to find out the ending.
  • scheduling and structure help me blog and plan ahead. Who knew?
    Obviously many of you did! (Those of you who plan ahead are friggin’ amazing! I don’t know how you do it!) I was just slow on the uptake (heh…) because I am such a mood everything, and I was still trying to figure out what worked for me. I finally found a schedule and structure that work for me with scheduled memes posted during the work week. Reviews alternate depending on when I’m able to write them. Because of this new found schedule, I’ve been able to plan a week or two ahead, although not all the time. While it’s not a lot of time, it gives me some wiggle room and I don’t feel as overwhelmed.

I’m still working on the review for this because I have a million things to say and I need to make it shorter. This was an amazing space opera. Ia Cocha is my new favorite hero. She is fantastic. I hope Milan will write more novels! (Review from A Myriad of Books; Quote: The girl slammed)


Around the end of August and September, I started heading into a slump because work and school got overwhelming. I turned to one of my favorite reads His Road Home (2014) and it helped a lot. It’s a short novella with a uplifting fake-fiance romance. (My Review)


I love Kennedy Ryan and her writing is superb! I both loved and hated this book because there’s a trigger here that I didn’t know about (cheating) when I picked it up. But…it’s Kennedy Ryan so I couldn’t not read it. This is an enemies-to-lovers romance that exudes so much emotion that you’ll feel drained but want to reread your favorite parts. I spent a few weeks reeling in both love and pain over the book. (Review from ReadingFrenzyBlog; Quotes: Odds don’t tell, What if)


Despite attending an author event with Amber McBride, who is amazing by the way, where so many of the attendees loved her book, it was still completely unexpected when I burst into tears. I loved the book so much! It was a 5-star read for me. (My Review)

  • I will try to catch up on my backlog of ARCs. I have slowed down tremendously in requesting ARCs, although I just requested some a few days ago. I really need to complete a few I still have from Q1 (3 books) and Q2 (4 books)–I’m not including the ones for Q3 or else I might keel over…hahaha. I cannot believe this is the last quarter of the year! (Reindeer Readathon here I come!)
  • Let’s try this again…I will finally read:
    • Jade City (2017).
    • These Violent Delights (2020).

Music Monday 1.16: You and me…

This meme was created by Drew @ The Tattooed Book Geek. You pick a song you really like and share it on, you guessed it, Monday.

Postmodern Jukebox (PMJ) was founded in 2011 by Scott Bradlee. PMJ reworks modern music into vintage style covers. I was first introduced to PMJ through their rearrangements of covers that feature Kenton Chen. This is one of their most recent, and I thought the arrangement was brilliant!

A retelling I loved of a book I also loved
I love the original from No Doubt and also adore this cover.

Jane Austen’s Persuasion is a classic that I’ve read multiple times, and Staci Hart does a wonderful job of retelling it in A Thousand Letters. I much prefer Captain Wentworth from Persuasion whereas his counterpart in A Thousand Letters was more of an ass. Where the romance and regret is the highlight in Persuasion, the retelling captures the anguish of losing a loved–I cried buckets.