Chances for Serendipity (2021)

by Natalie Chung
Publication: August 16, 2021

Serendipity takes a long time to hit. Because this is a contemporary romance, I was extremely disappointed when it took nearly half of the book for Sere and Aiden to meet again. With each chapter focusing on different moments in Sere’s life, the time jumps made sense with the overall theme. The problem was I kept expecting Aiden would show up any moment, but he didn’t. When they finally see each other again, it moved too quickly for me, and I wasn’t entirely on board. There are cute moments, one or two that made me all fluttery, but the lack of relationship development and interaction in the first half prevented me from being emotionally committed to their potential HFN/HEA ending. However, the last tenth of the book ultimately bumped it up by half a star. I wish the majority of the book had been more like this.

The themes explored are relatable ones, and that’s one of the highlights of the book. Family plays a strong role in both their lives. Sere’s indecisiveness over what she wants to do while also trying to fulfill promises she’s made to her family is apparent throughout the book. It’s difficult when you want to find what’s best for you but it potentially means disappointing those around you.  While the hints are placed throughout as to her decision, I was still left somewhat perplexed because her feelings about her passion always felt subdued to me. Aiden’s predicament is also hinted at in the beginning as his relationship with his father seems to be a tumultuous one.

Overall, I liked the concept of the book and its focus on serendipity. However, the book didn’t always hit the mark for me. As a side note, there is bonus material from Aiden’s point of view if readers sign up for the author’s newsletter. I enjoyed the bonus chapter. If most of the book had been like the ending and the bonus chapter, I would have enjoyed it a lot more. It’s a good first novel, and Chung is someone I will look out for in the future.

4 responses to “Chances for Serendipity (2021)”

  1. Sorry to hear this wasn’t a total hit for you. I’d love to read Aiden’s pov. Definitely want to check that out.

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    1. It wasn’t bad, and I’m glad I read it. You Aiden’s POV was so good. I kind of wish the book had alternated between their POVs. It might have balanced out the lack of interaction in the first half. Aiden’s bonus chapter is partly the reason why I would be willing to read more from Chung.

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  2. Veronica @ Little Corner Reads Avatar
    Veronica @ Little Corner Reads

    Sorry this didn’t work out better for you! It sounds like a cute premise, but I had a lot of similar feelings when I watched the movie Serendipity so I don’t know if this will work for me.

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    1. Thanks. Yeah, I was a bit disappointed too, but I did like the ending. Oh no! I’m sorry you didn’t like Serendipity. I haven’t watched it in a while. Now, I’m wondering how I might feel about it now. Hmm…

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