Let’s Talk Bookish: How many books is too many?

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Prompts:  With holidays coming up there’s bound to be a lot of gift giving. I’m sure many of us will ask for more books to add to our collection – but how many books is too many? Do you think the book community encourages over consumption?

Books and book-related things are on the top of my list when individuals as me what I would like as a gift. As a reader, there is no such thing as too many books. For books I love, I even have multiple copies whether it is for the different covers or so that I can have a well-read copy and a pristine one. Physical space might be the true limitation here, but even then ebooks can help with the lack of space. If someone asks only for books, but you think they already have lots of books, please still buy the person books.

The book community does contribute to and in some ways encourage over consumption. There are constantly new releases, and I click purchase even if I haven’t finished reading the last books I purchased. With the increasing number of new releases with multiple covers, it’s also gotten worse. I’m bad because, again, I will purchase multiple copies of the same book. I’m going to have to try to curb some of my book buying habits after writing and thinking about this.

What about you? What are you thoughts about this?

12 responses to “Let’s Talk Bookish: How many books is too many?”

  1. My next year goal will be cut book buying.. I have too many books already, plus book subscriptions don’t help. My problem is impulse buying.

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    1. I completely understand! I’m choosier with print books but I do so much impulse buying with ebooks.

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    2. Forgot to say that your “This Week New YA Releases” are bad for me. Ha… I usually find something I want after looking at it.

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      1. Hahaha, sorry dear!! it’s bad for me as well, I always add more stuff to my TBR after posting this.

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  2. I used to buy soooo many books, but then I realized flat I read that or I didn’t enjoy them. So now I’m incredibly picky about what books I buy, but I can definitely see how easy it is to see a pretty cover on IG and click add to cart. I’m talking physical books btw. I can’t be stopped when ebooks are on sale.

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    1. OMG! Yes to the ebook sales! They’re so hard to resist!


  3. I’ve cut down on a huge amount of my living expenses, so now I’m free to buy as many damned books as I want! Buying a book here or there costs nowhere near some of the monthly payments I was putting out before. Let the shelves begin their bulging!!!

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    1. WOOHOO!!!!! Congratulations! That sounds like a dream come true. I’m very envious right now.

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  4. With e-books I can have so many books. I don’t have storage for many paper books, so I only purchase a few paper books a year.

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    1. I need to have better self control and just purchase a few books and do more ebooks.


  5. I only read e-books now, which reduces the problem somewhat – even if it’s that at least you can’t see them! This year I only bought e-books I had read as arcs so that I didn’t add any more to my already huge “bought but not read yet” list. Now I just need to read those books I’ve bought over the last 5 years or so.

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    1. I agree! It’s true about the not seeing them part! I have that same problem with books I bought a long time ago. I’m starting to think I should save a shelf or two for those so I will actually read them…five years from now. LOL.

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