Celebrating AAPI Month

I’m doing a few things this month to celebrate Asian Pacific Islander Heritage month.

    I participated last year and have been looking forward to it. Alas, I didn’t complete all the prompts. I found it especially hard to pick up a nonfiction book. This year there are new prompts and, whew, no nonfiction in sight. Just like with the other readathons I’ve participated in recently, I’m opting for no specific TBR. Hopefully, it will fill itself in.

    For more information on the readathon: withcindy’s announcement
  • #APIBookstagramTour
    A fellow bookstagrammer shared to their story about an API bookstagram tour hosted by @booknerdkat, so I decided to sign up. The tour features API bookstagrammers and will even feature guest authors. I’m scheduled for May 4th. If you’re on Instagram, please check it out. My handle is @itskooreviews. I’ve included the tour schedule below.
    I like to buy duplicates of books I like or have been anticipating because I like to not-so-subtly hint to friends that they should a read book…that way I can discuss it with someone. Heh… With this being my first time celebrating AAPI Heritage Month on bookstagram, I thought I would give it a go and do weekly giveaways with some of my duplicates with a final book given away at the end. If you’re interested in participating, you can head on over to this post for rules/directions.

What are your plans for the month?

One response to “Celebrating AAPI Month”

  1. What a wonderful readathon. I’ll go and check out your Instagram post on the 4th


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