See You Yesterday (2022)

by Rachel Lynn Solomon
ASIN/ISBN: 9781665901925
Publication: May 17, 2022

**I was provided a copy of the book through NetGalley. I voluntarily read and reviewed it. All opinions are my own.**

We grow up being told about college and what is supposed to happen when we get there. When we finally arrive, we have all this built up expectation, and sometimes it doesn’t turn out exactly the way we think it will–you could get stuck in a time loop. In See You Yesterday, Barrett gets stuck reliving the first day of college and finds out the annoying guy from her physics class is stuck in it with her.

Rachel Lynn Solomon has been an auto-buy author for me since I fell in love with Today Tonight TomorrowIn See You Yesterday, she captures the expectations of starting college and successfully utilizes a time loop to explore how emotionally challenging this experience can be. The story is more complex than the summary suggests, especially as the book delves into some difficult topics. At times, it was a little heavier than I expected and also heart-wrenching. Solomon provides sufficient introspection and adeptly addresses the topics with a lot of care.

I was rooting for Miles and Barrett throughout the book. Their relationship starts off rocky, but the time loop forces them to spend time with each other. Who else is going to believe that you keep repeating the same day except for the person stuck in it with you? Heh… It’s a reluctant friendship that slowly turns into something more between two individuals with opposing personalities. Miles is geeky and has his head in the books. He’s a cinnamon roll and very much on the straight and narrow. Barrett is a bit rough around the edges with her sarcasm and dry humor. In another universe, if she were real or if I was fiction, we would be great friends. Miles and Barrett make a perfect pair as they instill confidence in each other and validate one another’s feelings and experiences.

See You Yesterday reminded me why I adore Solomon’s books. Her characters feel like real people, individuals I would be friends with especially given their quirks and humor. The magical realism doesn’t take away from the authentic experience of college but serves as an additional tool to examine it. Read this if you’re looking for a YA/NA novel with a twist on the first day college experience that includes humor and introspection. If you’re a fan of Solomon’s work, you’ll enjoy the novel.

2 responses to “See You Yesterday (2022)”

  1. I also adored this book!! Lovely review!


  2. yourwordsmyink Avatar

    I haven’t read any of Solomon’s books before, but they’ve always intrigued me. I’ll have to pick this one up soon.


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