Quote 1.1: Things have changed…

Quote from one of my favorite Korean dramas from 2019, Be Melodramatic. It’s quirky and full of heart.

The Kinder Poison (2020)

Natalie Mae. 3 stars. (9781984835215)
Zahru becomes the human sacrifice in a race to see who will be chosen as heir.

The Mask of Mirrors (2021)

M.A. Carrick. 4 stars. (9780356515175). Ren, a con artist, tries to lie her way into House Traementis’s family registrar.

Meet Cute (2019)

Helena Hunting. 4 stars. (B07G73X7H2).
Kailyn helps out law school colleague and her TV crush Dax when he becomes guardian of his teen sister.


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