QOTD: If you could…

Question from In Case You Missed It (2020): If you could go back to any time, what age would you return to?

A Very Friendly Valentine’s Day (2021)

Kayley Loring. 4 stars. (B08RCZ2NK1). {release blitz}
Best friends Birdie and Eddie make separate travel plans for New York, then decide to head there together.

We Hunt the Flame (2019)

Hafsah Faizal. 4 stars. (9780374311544). Zafira the Hunter is tasked with retrieving a magical object and cross paths with an assassin.

Girl on the Ferris Wheel (2021)

Julie Halpern & Len Vlahos. 4 stars. (9781250169396). Dmitri and Emilia meet and fall in love during their sophomore year in high scho

Romance Interlude (vol. 2.2)

Mini-Reviews: Kayley Loring edition.
Sleeper (2019); Charmer (2020); Troublemaker (2020)


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Welcome. Don’t mind the construction as I figure stuff out like I’m trying to figure out the rest of my life…The only thing I’m certain of is life has no pause button. Makoto said it best in The Girl Who Leapt Through Time: “Time waits for no one!”