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Wild Souls (2022)

Faith Prince. 3 stars. (9798988119111). Ethan’s ability to see souls makes him an outcast, but Jenna’s appearance makes him want more than what he has settled for.

BLOG: I was inspired to create the blog as a way to share my thoughts on a multitude of things but mostly on books. I enjoy reading. I’m a serial rereader–I love reading my favorite books over and over again. While you will see book reviews, you may also find musings on past favorites as well as other things I’m fond of.

BOOKS: I stick to my favorite genres, romance and fantasy. I will venture into other genres when there are elements of romance or fantasy present. I enjoy adult, YA, and middle grade novels. Children’s books have also started taking up a portion of shelf space as I encourage my nieces to start reading more. (I’m not so secretly trying to create life-long readers.)

THEME: Makoto from The Girl Who Leapt Through Time says it best, “Time waits for no one!”

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