Full length reviews and, unfortunately, in chronological posting order for the time being. I hope you find a book to put on your TBR or one you want to discuss.

See You Yesterday (2022)

Rachel Lynn Solomon. 4 stars. (9781665901925). Barrett keeps reliving her first day of college, and she finds out the annoying guy from her physics class has been stuck in a time loop even longer.

Only A Monster (2022)

Vanessa Len. 3.5 stars. (9781529380071). Joan discovers monsters are real and she’s one of them.

This May End Badly (2022)

Samantha Markum. 3.5 stars. (9781250799180). Doe has a difficult time after learning her beloved Weston School will be merging with its rival Winfield Academy.

Veil (2022)

Dylan Farrow. 2.5 stars. (9781250235930). A friend’s betrayal leads Shae and her friends to a land they were told did not exist.

Blood Grace 1-3 (2022)

Vela Roth. 4 stars. {books 1-3 review). The king’s illegitimate daughter Cassia is one of the few Tenebrans who is looking forward to the Hesperine delegation. Soon, she begins to fall for Lio, a Hesperine diplomat.

Genesis Wars (2022)

Akemi Dawn Bowman. 4 stars. 9781534456549. After honing her abilities and testing her powers, Nami now seeks allies to help her save her friends.

Queen of the Tiles (2022)

Hanna Alkaf. 4 stars. (9781534494558). Najwa Bakri enters her first Scrabble tournament after her best friend Trina’s death and begins to suspect Trina may have been murdered.

Crimson Reign (2022)

Amélie Wen Zhao. 3.5 stars. (9780525707851). Ana returns to Cyrilia to take back her throne.

An Arrow to the Moon (2022)

Emily X.R. Pan. 4 stars. (9780316464055).
{book tour} A contemporary retelling of the Chinese myth of Houyi and Chang’e, Hunter and Luna are drawn to each other as cracks begin to spread in their town.

Valor (2022)

Casey L. Bond. 3 stars. (B09T9DG47P). Vayl is supposed to be t

Portrait of a Thief (2022)

Grace D. Li. 4 stars. (9780593184738). With a promise of $50 millions dollars, Will and his crew of thieves set out to retrieve Chinese artifacts from museums around the world and return them to China.


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