Full length reviews and, unfortunately, in chronological posting order for the time being. I hope you find a book to put on your TBR or one you want to discuss.

Spells for Forgetting (2022)

Adrienne Young. 4.5 stars (9780593358511). August returns to the island he grew up to bury his mother’s ashes and where he was accused but never charged of murder.

Monsters Born and Made (2022)

Tanvi Bwerwah. 3.5 stars. (9781728247625). After being unable to capture a maristag, Koral enters a tournament to try to save her family.

Bitter Sweet Heart (2022)

Helena Hunting. 3.5 stars (9781989185247). Maverick has a summer fling who turns out to be his creative writing professor.

The Dragon’s Promise (2022)

Elizabeth Lim. 3.5 stars. (9780593300954). {tour} To fulfill a promise, Shiori must now return the dragon’s pearl to its owner.

Wake the Bones (2022)

Elizabeth Kilcoyne. 3 stars. (9781250790828). Laurel drops out of school and returns home only to find she is being hunted by a supernatural entity.

A Venom Dark and Sweet (2022)

Judy I. Lin. 4 stars. (9781250767103). {tour} Ning travels with her companions in search of allies to take back the throne while also trying to figure out what evil has come to the kingdom.

The Drowned Woods (2022)

{tour} Emily Lloyd-Jones. 3.5 stars. (9780759556317). As a water diviner, Mer’s powers have been used to poison the enemy. After running away from the prince who has used her powers for ill, she has one chance to bring him down.

Run for Your Honey (2022)

Staci Hart. 2.5 stars. (B09SRHQZ8J). Poppy is running for mayor, and the man she’s always loved returns to run against her.

Accomplished (2022)

Amanda Quain. 3.5 stars. (9781250817815). Georgiana Darcy attempts a positive start to her junior year after Wickham is expelled from Pemberley Academy.

Booked on a Feeling (2022)

Jayci Lee. 3.5 stars. (9781250621146). After burning out, Lizzy decides to take a 3-week vacation in Weldon where her best friend Jack lives. Jack’s been in love with Lizzy for decades.

Boys I Know (2022)

Anna Gracia. 4 stars. (9781682633717).
{book tour} It’s a complicated year for June as she navigates boys and planning for her future.


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