Full length reviews and, unfortunately, in chronological posting order for the time being. I hope you find a book to put on your TBR or one you want to discuss.

Georgie, All Along (2023)

Kate Clayborn. 4.5 stars (9781496737298). After losing her job, Georgie returns home to help a friend but also embarks on accomplishing a bucket list she created when she was younger.

Make A Wish (2023)

Helena Hunting. 3.5 stars. (9781250624741). While trying to figure out if she still fits into the family business, Harley also reconnects with her former boss and his daughter.

Swift the Storm, Fierce the Flame (2023)

Meg Long. 4 stars. (9781250785121). Sena and Iska accompany Remy to search for her the friend she lost. After tracking down Remy’s former partner, they will have to help with a revolution before he will give them more information to find her friend.

A Guide to Being Just Friends (2023)

Sophie Sullivan. 3.5 stars. (9781250624208). Wes and Haylie become friends after a bad first meeting. They both believe they’re content with being just friends until their feelings begin to change.

The Lost Witch (2022)

Paige Crutcher. 3 stars. (9781250797391). Brigid tries to regain her memories while also trying to save the town of Evermore from the Damned.

The Wilderwomen (2022)

Ruth Emmie Long. 3 stars. (9781250246912). Zadie and Finn use their psychic abilities to search for their mom.

Untying the Knot (2022)

Meghan Quinn. 3 stars. (9781959442011). Myla wants a divorce but Ryot isn’t willing to give up on them without a fight.

She Sang for India (2022)

Suma Subramaniam. Illus Shreya Gupta. 4 stars. (9780374388744). A biographical picture book of M.S. Subbulakshmi, a powerful Indian singer who advocated for justice and peace through song.

Strike the Zither (2022)

Joan He. 3.5 stars. (9781250258588). Zephyr is a strategist trying to outmaneuver her warlordess Ren’s rivals and ensure victory, but there are also foes she did not account for.

Road of the Lost (2022)

Nafiza Azad. 4 stars. (9781534484993). {tour} Croi undergoes a journey of self-discovery as she is called to the Otherworld.


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