Romance Interludes

I often read several romantic titles in a week and haven’t been able to properly provide much feedback other than ratings or noting them as “read.” These are mini-reviews of books but will probably be more gushing or griping–reactionary and maybe less review-y. I do promise to try to remain as sensical as possible.

Romance Interlude 2.13

Mini Reviews: Cold Secrets (2017); Blind Justice (2019); Spirit Bound (2011)

Romance Interlude 2.12

Mini Reviews: Air (2016); Eat You Up (2019); Night Revelations (2018)

Romance Interlude 2.11

Mini Reviews: The China Bride (2000); The Marquess and I (2021); The Bargain (2011); Cherished (2015)

Romance Interlude 2.10

Mini Reviews: Give Love a Chai (2021); Choose Me: A Small Town Romance (2021); Love’s Defense (2021)

Romance Interlude 2.9

Guarding Her Heart (2019); Summer Spice (2019); Sin With Me (2016)

Romance Interlude 2.8

The Accidental Kiss (2019); Dante’s Angel (2015); Rush (2013)


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