Wild Souls (2022)

Faith Prince. 3 stars. (9798988119111). Ethan’s ability to see souls makes him an outcast, but Jenna’s appearance makes him want more than what he has settled for.

Painted Devils (2023)

Margaret Owen. 4.5 stars. (9781250191908). Vanja accidentally creates a cult and a god. Emeric shows up to investigate to only then be claimed as a virgin sacrifice.

Finding Our Perfect (2023)

Stacey Komosinski. 3 stars. (9780374390181). Todd and Rachael are attracted to each other but are unsure about how the other feels.

A Shadow Crown (2023)

Melissa Blair. 3.5 stars. (9781454947899). {tour} Keera tries to recover her memories while defending her place among those trying to overthrow the king.


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