Christmas Playlist 2020: Cozy Little Christmas

Track 03: Katy Perry – Cozy Little Christmas

This is a cute pop song released by Katy Perry in 2018. It still feels recent but then typing the year nearly gave me whiplash. Two years passed by fairly quickly! The song is all about spending Christmas with the person you love, so this post is all about my favorite OTPs.

“You’re the only one I’m wishing for
Our love is something priceless…”


Aelin Galanthynius & Rowan Whitethorn
Series: Throne of Glass (2013)
” ‘I love you. There is no limit to what I can give to you, no time I need. Even when this is world is a forgotten whisper of dust between stars, I will love you.’ ” — Rowan

Aelin and Rowan from the Throne of Glass series was one of my top OTPs this year. If you haven’t read the series yet and you plan to, this is somewhat spoilery. You might want to stop here…

The series broke my heart a lot before Aelin finally found her one, and nearly as much after. Rowan made his first appearance in Heir of Fire (2014). I didn’t know what to think of Rowan because I was hung up on Chaol. (I still haven’t touched Tower of Dawn. I don’t care what anyone says. I’m still bitter over him because I liked him and then he hurt me–er, Aelin–really bad). Ultimately, Rowan and Aelin were perfect for each other because Rowan accepted her just as she was rather than expecting her to change. (I mean, there’s a lot that goes on in Heir of Fire where Rowan is like, “you need to change!” but that’s a whole different story.) They loved each other and their love gave me a book coma long after I finished the series. (Nevermind that I would have liked Aelin to have a harem instead and just have Rowan be her first among equals. HAHAHA!! I also shipped her with Fenrys. More on that another time.)

Beatrix Harper & Peter Blackwell
Series: Clandestine Magic (2020)
” ‘I know you inside and out,’ he said, ‘and I will never stop loving you.’” –Peter Blackwell

I gushed about Beatrix and Peter in my review of the series (Subversive, Radical, and Revolutionary). Beatrix and Peter were sinfully complicated. They were entangled in a relationship where their feelings where magnified but it was difficult to discern whether their feelings were truly their own. To be together, they needed to overcome a lot of obstacles, including themselves.

Arrow & Alex
Book: Arrow to the Soul (No Mercy #2)
Author: Lea Griffith
” ‘I had to taste you again, Mr. Collins, so I could remember that in the midst of death, there might be a reason to live.’ ” — Arrow

Arrow is a trained assassin trying to kill her maker and Alex is the ex-soldier charged with bring her in. They’re inexplicably drawn to each other. She’s never known love and he’s already given his heart to someone else. Does this not pull at your heartstrings yet? This is an enemies-to-lovers novel with a kickass heroine who holds her cards close and loves completely when she does so. Lea Griffith’s writing blew me away. I ached for Arrow because she went into this (sort of/sort of not) relationship knowing Alex loved someone else. It hit all the right marks for me. Let’s leave it at that for right now while I try to finish the other books in the series. They’re standalone but connected and I really need Bone Deep to come out soon.

Who were your favorite pairings this year? Which individuals were you rooting for?

I could post some covers of “Cozy Little Christmas” from YouTube but I wanted to share links to covers of my two favorite Katy Perry songs instead. Of course, they had to be about losing the one you love as opposed to spending it together. (Sorry.)

David Choi’s cover of “Thinking of You”
Tiffany Alvord & Chester See’s cover of “The One That Got Away”

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