Christmas Playlist 2020: This is Christmas

Track 07: Goo Goo Dolls – This is Christmas

This was an unexpected surprise while I was making my playlist. The Goo Goo Dolls released a Christmas album in September, but it was only recently I was able to listen to it. The stand out songs on the album are “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing” and this particular track on my playlist, “This is Christmas.” The song gives off this sense of longing and makes me feel nostalgic. What makes Christmas…Christmas? Why is Christmas or this particular season one of my favorite times of the year?

This is Christmas

“Wish on stars above
for the ones we love
this is Christmas”

Wreath_familyDuring this time of the year, it’s about taking a break from work and spending it with family. I miss my family a lot when the holidays get closer. We used to all live in California, but now we’re scattered throughout the country. Last year, my brother and his family were able to visit for a few days.  It was great to have kids around the house, despite their preoccupation with their electronics.  It was a reminder that there’s nothing quite like having family around.  I bought books for my niece and nephew, and my nephew was so disappointed.  He asked his mom why she didn’t tell me what he really wanted for Christmas.  It was funny, at least to my sister-in-law and me but he was so sad.  Maybe we’ll able to Zoom and still be able to spend some time together this year.


I have a close knit group of friends.  I can’t even say we’re really a group because there are only three of us–we’re a triangle.  We keep one another sane throughout the year despite hardly seeing each other since we live so many hours from each other. My friends and I joke that when we’re together, it’s easier to talk side-by-side because we’re used to not seeing one another’s face. Hehehe. This year, there was a decree that we do Secret Santa gift exchange.  Surprisingly, it was not my suggestion. With only three people, it isn’t really a secret so there’s just a long running joke now that “Santa” insisted on asking about someone’s bookish wishlist or where to send things.  “Santa” has never asked so many questions or made so many demands as he has this year.  Yes, this is how we keep one another sane. We’re geeky but my friends are the best. Christmas would not be the same without them.


I love presents!  Not necessarily getting them but giving them.  If there’s going to be a gift exchange, I try to initiate it during the summer.  I’ve tried doing it sooner but then people think I am crazy when I do.  I’m just so excited to buy gifts!  Throughout the year, I try to pick up on little things friends and family mention and store it in the back of my mind.  I try to take care with wrapping gifts and adding little touches like sprays, tags, or ornaments. It’s the best sight to see when the recipient opens their gift, especially when it’s something they forgot about or they thought no one paid attention to when they were talking about needing or wanting something. Being able to put joy on someone’s face and knowing that I contributed to their day is fulfilling.

Share what makes this season special for you.
I’d love to hear your stories.

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