Discussion: Second Chance Romances

Reflecting on My Love/Hate Relationship with Second Chance Romances


Two individuals are in love but then something happens, leading them to break up.  For some reason or other, they’re back in each other’s lives. Time is especially pivotal here. What happened during the time apart? How has distance, emotionally and, often, physically, affected our leads such that romance is still possible? Eventually, one thing leads to another, feelings can no longer be ignored, and they’re back together. Maybe this time around, the ending will be a better one. Better yet, maybe there won’t be an ending because they’ll be together forever.

Second chance romances always leave me with twisted emotions, torn between anger (e.g. Don’t do it! He doesn’t deserve you! ) and swooning (e.g. He loves you! You still love him! Just kiss each other already!). After reading Priscilla Oliveras’s Anchored Hearts, I had a sudden revelation about why I always feel a slightly uncomfortable with second chance romances. (Light bulb moment!)

I hate second chance romances because of the vulnerability that comes with it–this is where the discomfort comes from.  Someone can always hurt you at any time, but the problem with second chance romances is often times one person has already hurt the other–someone hurt you or you hurt them. Now, you’re giving them an opportunity to do it again, but what’s worse is that you’re doing it with your eyes wide open–I guess this can be a good or a bad thing. It also feels like you’re giving them permission to do it again. I hate this feeling and it usually rears itself just about every second chance romance novel I read.

Yet, I continue to subject myself to this pain because I also can’t help loving the trope. A new beginning brings with it hope that the outcome will be different. Hopefully, time and distance has allowed each to grow, to mature. It’s not just knowing everything that went wrong or even right, but understanding what happened. Maybe, we will be smarter this time around. Past hurts can be overcome. Maybe happily ever after is possible with each other. But then there’s always this little fear in the back of my mind, whispering that hope can be a dangerous thing.

I’m a sucker for second chances, and I’m a sucker for hope even though it means restarting something that might lead to painful consequences. Then again, I’m usually reading this trope in a romance novel where HEA’s are guaranteed. (Thank goodness!) My favorite second chance romances are where there is growth and lots of groveling, especially on the part of the love interest. It helps to tamper that niggling discomfort that the lead is making themself too vulnerable and they’ll be hurt all over again.



Persuasion (1817)
by Jane Austen
ASIN/ISBN: 9780192802637
5 stars

**One of my favorite Austen novels where time has allowed for greater introspection by the offending party. **

Goodreads Summary
Twenty-seven-year old Anne Elliot is Austen’s most adult heroine. Eight years before the story proper begins, she is happily betrothed to a naval officer, Frederick Wentworth, but she precipitously breaks off the engagement when persuaded by her friend Lady Russell that such a match is unworthy. The breakup produces in Anne a deep and long-lasting regret. When later Wentworth returns from sea a rich and successful captain, he finds Anne’s family on the brink of financial ruin and his own sister a tenant in Kellynch Hall, the Elliot estate. All the tension of the novel revolves around one question: Will Anne and Wentworth be reunited in their love?

Jane Austen once compared her writing to painting on a little bit of ivory, 2 inches square. Readers of Persuasion will discover that neither her skill for delicate, ironic observations on social custom, love, and marriage nor her ability to apply a sharp focus lens to English manners and morals has deserted her in her final finished work.


The Good Luck Charm (2018)
by Helena Hunting
ASIN/ISBN: 9781538760154
4 stars

**Not nearly enough groveling for me but an ultimately satisfying read.**

Goodreads Summary
Lilah isn’t sure what hurt worse: the day Ethan left her to focus on his hockey career, or the day he came back eight years later. He might think they can pick up just where they left off, but she’s no longer that same girl and never wants to be again.

Ethan Kane wants his glory days back. And that includes having Lilah by his side. With her, he was magic. They were magic. All he has to do is make her see that.

Just when Lilah might finally be ready to let him in, though, she finds out their reunion has nothing to do with her and everything to do with his game. But Ethan’s already lost her once, and even if it costs him his career, he’ll do anything to keep from losing her again.


Daring and the Duke (2020)
by Sarah MacLean
ASIN/ISBN: 7980062691996
4.5 stars

**Second Chance Romance/Lovers-to-Enemies-to-Lovers novel with so much groveling from the male love interest that I couldn’t help but love it. No discomfort here at all. Nearly perfect. My favorite read of the quarter so far (My Review)**

Goodreads Summary
Grace Condry has spent a lifetime running from her past. Betrayed as a child by her only love and raised on the streets, she now hides in plain sight as queen of London’s darkest corners. Grace has a sharp mind and a powerful right hook and has never met an enemy she could not best, until the man she once loved returns.

Single-minded and ruthless, Ewan, Duke of Marwick, has spent a decade searching for the woman he never stopped loving. A long-ago gamble may have lost her forever, but Ewan will go to any lengths to win Grace back… and make her his duchess.

Reconciliation is the last thing Grace desires. Unable to forgive the past, she vows to take her revenge. But revenge requires keeping Ewan close, and soon her enemy seems to be something else altogether—something she can’t resist, even as he threatens the world she’s built, the life she’s claimed…and the heart she swore he’d never steal again.


In Case You Missed It (2020)
by Lindsey Kelk
ASIN/ISBN: 9780008384654
2.5 stars

**While it’s a bit slow and Ros isn’t the most interesting protagonist, I added it here because it provides a different perspective on second chance romances from the other books listed. The overall message of the novel resonated with me as well. (My Review)**

Goodreads Summary:
When Ros steps off a plane after four years away she’s in need of a job, a flat and a phone that actually works. And, possibly, her old life back. Because everyone at home has moved on, her parents have reignited their sex life, she’s sleeping in a converted shed and she’s got a bad case of nostalgia for the way things were.

Then her new phone begins to ping with messages from people she thought were deleted for good. Including one number she knows off by heart: her ex’s.

Sometimes we’d all like the chance to see what we’ve been missing…


Anchored Hearts (2021)
by Priscilla Oliveras
ASN/ISBN: 9781420150193
Publication: April 27, 2021
4 stars

**The one that got me thinking about second chance romances. Alejandro’s light bulb moment happens on the pages, but I really wanted to smack Anamaria over the head and make sure she knew what she was doing because Alejandro is pretty selfish. (My Review)**

Goodreads Summary
Award-winning photographer Alejandro Miranda hasn’t been home to Key West in years–not since he left to explore broader horizons with his papi’s warning echoing in his ears. He wouldn’t be heading there now if it wasn’t for an injury requiring months of recuperation. The drama of a prodigal son returning to his familia is bad enough, but coming home to the island paradise also means coming face to face with the girl he left behind–the one who was supposed to be by his side all along…

Anamaría Navarro was shattered when Alejandro took off without her. Traveling the world was their plan, not just his. But after her father’s heart attack, there was no way she could leave–not even for the man she loved. Now ensconced in the family trade as a firefighter and paramedic, with a side hustle as a personal trainer, Anamaría is dismayed that just the sight of Alejandro is enough to rekindle the flame she’s worked years to put out. And as motherly meddling pushes them together, the heat of their attraction only climbs higher. Can they learn to trust again, before the Key West sun sets on their chance at happiness?

How do you feel about second chance romances?

7 responses to “Discussion: Second Chance Romances”

  1. I agree with everything you said!!! I love them when there’s enough groveling and a believable evolution but if there isn’t I won’t be able to root for the romance at all (which sucks when one is reading a romance novel, lol).

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    1. You’re absolutely right. Yes to groveling! Yes to a believable evolution! If the love interest wants me to forgive them (heh…), there better be enough groveling so I can root for their reunion.

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  2. I am not a fan of second chance romances. It’s usually a no go for me because the vulnerability of letting someone back in after they hurt you immensely is too much for me even in a fictional context.

    However, between March and April I read three second chance romances, and I didn’t recognize myself lol. I blame Reese Ryan and Kennedy Ryan. Though I think there’s some wiggle room because two of them technically fall within the subcategory of missed chance romance especially Queen Move where they were separated as kids.

    But, yes, actual remorse for what was done is so necessary. Like the LI better have regretted what happened to the very core of their being. Truly don’t know how they messed up that hard, 10/10 would rewind time to not make the same mistake kind of apology. Otherwise, what even is the point?

    On another not, how do you feel about the casting so far for the modern Persuasion adaptation?

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    1. I’m a Kennedy Ryan fan. She taps into my emotions and leaves me in book comas. I’ve been eyeing All The King’s Men and am excited to hear about the planned adaptation. How do you feel about the series being adapted into a tv series?

      I agree with the wiggle and that missed chance romances are a different subcategory. I don’t feel as conflicted about them and am much more likely to cheer on the lead couple.

      You describe it so much better than I do–regretting it to the the very core and rewinding time to undo the pain inflicted. The feels!!!

      I didn’t realize this but there are supposed to be two adaptations with one a modern retelling. The modern retelling stars Dakota Johnson as Anne Elliot with Henry Golding as Mr. Elliot. The first article I saw about the modern retelling misled me into believing he had been cast as Wentworth so I was disappointed when I read the article and found out otherwise. I’m not sure how I feel about Dakota Johnson. I’ve never actually watched her in anything although I know she stars in 50 Shades of Gray. I’m not sure who has been tapped to play Wentworth. I was sad about the Henry Golding news so didn’t venture to find out.

      As for the historical adaptation, Anne Elliot and Wentworth have already been cast I believe. I’ve only seen Sarah Snook in The Dressmaker and thought her transformation from ugly duckling to swan were well done as well as her acting. I don’t recall seeing Joel Fry, who has been cast as Wentworth, in anything I’ve watched, although he did play a role in Game of Thrones.

      I don’t think I am as excited for the modern retelling as I am for the historical adaptation. With diverse casts for historical romances on the rise like Bridgerton (thank you so much Shonda Rimes!) and Mr. Malcolm’s List (I’ve only seen clips but want to watch it for the cast), I would welcome Persuasion also moving in the same direction.

      What are your thoughts about the forthcoming adaptations?

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      1. I’m excited for the All the King’s Men series to be adapted into a TV show. I’ve only read Queen Move, so that’s the story I’m invested in though I do plan to read Lennix and Maxim’s story since they’ll be the big focus. I hope they stick to the racial and ethnic backgrounds of the characters. A Native romantic lead is basically unheard of on TV and I’d like for Ezra to remain a Jewish biracial Black man with a Black Asian son. I think it’s pretty much guaranteed that Maxim will remain white and we’ll have Kimba as the rare Black woman romantic lead. So, very !!! about this series.

        I was disappointed, too, by the way they announced Henry Golding’s involvement in the modern retelling of Persuasion. I’d just seen a tweet talking about wanting him as Wentworth, and I thought fans got their wish but nope.

        Had to look up who you named for the historical adaptation, I’m definitely intrigued. Both actors, at least aesthetically, look to complement each other well. I don’t know anything about the story but the diverse casting that, like you pointed out, seems to be occurring more and more has me interested for sure.

        Ahh Mr. Malcolm’s List! That’s such an anticipated watch. Seems like forever since they announced it. I hope it drops this year.

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  3. Liza | The Inharmonious Heroine Avatar
    Liza | The Inharmonious Heroine

    Great post! I like how you included a number of books that feature the tropes and explained that they did – or didn’t! – get right! Not gonna lie, I’m a sucker for a good second chance romance – but I agree, it has to be done well for me to get behind it! For me, the characters really have to SHOW that they’ve matured enough during their time apart that they’ll be able to make it work the second time. 💕


  4. […] Itskoo wrote a very interesting discussion post about one of my favorite tropes : second chance romances! […]

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