Quote 1.19: What if…

“What if” gives you dreams, making you believe in things that could be.
“What if” incites hope, making the impossible feel possible.
“What if” can make everything come crashing down.

One response to “Quote 1.19: What if…”

  1. […] I love Kennedy Ryan and her writing is superb! I both loved and hated this book because there’s a trigger here that I didn’t know about (cheating) when I picked it up. But…it’s Kennedy Ryan so I couldn’t not read it. This is an enemies-to-lovers romance that exudes so much emotion that you’ll feel drained but want to reread your favorite parts. I spent a few weeks reeling in both love and pain over the book. (Review from ReadingFrenzyBlog; Quotes: Odds don’t tell, What if) […]


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