Let’s Talk Bookish: Series vs. Standalones

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Prompts: Do you prefer standalones or series? When you read a standalone, do you wish there was more, or are you content that the story has finished? Are series sometimes too long? Do you feel like some genres work better in series while others work better in standalones? What are some standalones you wish had continued? Are there any series you think should have stopped at the first book? 

I don’t have a particular preference but I have become accustomed to one over the other when reading books from certain genres. When reading romances, I’ve come to expect books that are part of a series but can be read as standalones–new book, new couple, and new romance. I like the versatility of being able to pick and choose any book in the series without having to read the entire series. With an expectation of a HEA at the end of the book, standalones appear to be the norm and work well here. More common in fantasies seem to be books in a series that continue the journey of the same main characters.

Whether standalone or a series, it’s not the quantity as much as the the quality. The book needs to be well-written. If it’s meant to be a standalone, I hope the ending is one that is not a cliffhanger. If it’s a series, as long as the author has more content, then by all means write more. When books are especially well-written, even if the ending wraps up everything nicely, I think readers will always be left wanting more.

With the above in mind…I do like to stick to 3-4 books mostly because I have no self control. I try to wait until all the books are out and then binge it. The other option is to read them as they come out, which leaves me tormented because I have to wait for the next book. My all-time favorite novel, The Green Rider, is the first in a series that has spanned over 20 years and still has one more book to go for a total of 8 books. Winterlight (book seven) just came out and I already finished it. I don’t know when the next book will come out, and I’ve been reading other books to make waiting easier. Waiting hurts a lot and I’m sure the end of the series will hurt a lot too.

Do you have a preference? What are books that you wish still had more for you to read?

2 responses to “Let’s Talk Bookish: Series vs. Standalones”

  1. Waiting 20 years for a new book in a series is dedication!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ To be honest I’m still waiting for the last two books of Game of Thrones, and probably I’ll never read them…

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    1. Lol. Thanks. It’s so hard. 😭🀣😭. Oh yaaah…I’ve heard about GoT. It’s one of the reasons I’m scared to start it. We can do it! We will get that last book! 😁


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