Music Monday: It’s raining outside…

This meme was created by Drew @ The Tattooed Book Geek. You pick a song you really like and share it on, you guessed it, Monday.

BTS has repeatedly asserted their dominance at an international level and as a long time KPOP fan, I’ve been ecstatic. Lee Sora’s “Song Request” was released in January in 2019 and features Suga, who is also credited for writing and composing.

Here is a link to the lyrics including the romanization, translation, and hangul from ColorCodedLyrics. The song itself makes me nostalgic and exudes feelings of grief and longing, perfect for those gray and cloudy days…like those in fall or winter, right? Lee is listening to the radio to keep her company, requesting songs to help her deal with feelings. Here are books that made me smile and those that made me cry. Anyone else remember waiting for the radio to play your favorite songs?

In case you needed it, here’s a 1-hour loop.


Hey, DJ, play me a song to make me smile
on nights when my heart is sad
there’s a song that will laugh for me

Quirky with lots of Heart
Pippa Grant is hilarious and when I think about books that made me laugh she’s the first author I think of. There’s so much absurdity but they’re so entertaining.
You can also read my mini-review here.

Lots of laughing out loud
I couldn’t stop myself from laughing when I read this. Melody Joo is hilarious. She has a good sense of humor and sticks up for herself but it’s her interactions with her parents that I was continually laughing at. You can also read my review here.


“hey, DJ, play me a song to make me cry
on night when my heart is frustrated
there’s a song that will laugh for me”

I can be emotional. The good, the bad, the sad. If it hits me in the chest, I may need tissues. Sleeper is a romance with an HEA but I nearly flatlined when I read this:

“…I could do a million takes and never feel like I got it just right. Because I didn’t get to be her first. Because she wasn’t my first. But if I can be her best and last, I might come close to showing her that it’s the first time that anything I’ve ever done with a woman has ever felt this good and real.

(Mini Review here)

2 responses to “Music Monday: It’s raining outside…”

  1. Loathe at First Sight sounds great!

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    1. It really is! The romance isn’t central here but I didn’t mind because Park has a great sense of humor. So funny.

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