Guest Post: A Boy Called Christmas (2015)

by Matt Haig
ASIN/ISBN: 9781782117896
Publication: November 16, 2015

**Today I get to welcome Mackenzie at Lit Lemon Books for a review on a favorite holiday read. You can find reviews and beyond on her blog.**

A Boy Called Christmas is the perfect read to get you in the holiday spirit. Haig creates a whimsical winterscape that is reminiscent of the worlds Roald Dahl crafted. There are witty lines, horrible family members, magic, love, and friendship— all the qualities needed to make a heartwarming adventure.

I was ready for the typical Santa Claus story, but was surprised at how the story unfolded. The main character Nikolas, nicknamed Christmas, doesn’t come from a wealthy family. He finds happiness in his turnip head doll, sled, mouse friend, and father. Nikolas is faced with unfortunate circumstances after his father leaves for an expedition to find elves. Nikolas waits and waits, until he can wait no longer and seeks out his father. Retracing his father’s steps, Nikolas discovers what exactly his father went looking for.

I cannot recommend this cheery book enough! While it is aimed at younger readers, readers of all ages can enjoy the story. Once you have read A Boy Named Christmas, check out the Netflix adaptation. I wish you all a happy holidays!

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2 responses to “Guest Post: A Boy Called Christmas (2015)”

  1. Thanks, now I want to read this.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s a cute book.


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