First Love, Take Two (2021)

by Sajni Patel
ASIN/ISBN: 9781538733363
Publication: September 21, 2021
Series: The Trouble with Hating You #2

Sajni Patel makes reading effortless. I had not expected to finish reading First Love, Take Two so quickly, but I could not put it down. I was glued to the pages and engulfed in Preeti’s life. Before I knew it, I was smiling to myself then swept up in anguish over the complications that made being with the one person she loved impossible. Similar to my experience with The Trouble With Hating You, it feels like I’ve watched it or read variations of the plot before–there are cliches abound–but Patel had me completely engrossed in the story that I didn’t mind very much.

Preeti is not as traditional as her friend Sana nor is she as rebellious as her other friend Liya, the main character from The Trouble With Hating You. She is fiercely protective of the people she loves, so discovering the extent she goes to ensure her parents are happy made me teary. I understand the importance of filial piety and the internal struggle Preeti experiences when forced to choose her parents or the man she loves. 

With the book solely told from Preeti’s point of view, the romance felt incomplete. I learned about Preeti’s struggle, but I kept waiting for Daniel’s point of view so he could shed some light on their relationship and his feelings about her. Unfortunately, I was left disappointed when his thoughts never came. He is swoon-worthy, but I never got to know him. The book would have benefited from chapters told from Daniel’s side of the story, helping me to connect with him and to provide greater insight into his relationship with his family. I loved his grandparents and his sister. 

First Love, Take Two is a wonderful addition to The Trouble With Hating You series. Readers who enjoyed the first novel will no doubt enjoy the second and look forward to what I think will be Sana’s story. 

3 responses to “First Love, Take Two (2021)”

  1. Wow, terrific review! I read this also and really loved it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I’m happy you enjoyed it too! I’m definitely ready for the next one. 😀


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