Let’s Talk Bookish: Do book buying bans work for you?

Let’s Talk Bookish: Do book buying bans work for you?

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Prompts:  The book community is full of consumerism. People want to not just read their favorite books, but own them as well. Sometimes this can get…a little out of hand. How do you control your spending/buying books you don’t have time to read? Does setting a book buying ban work for you? How long do you usually ban yourself for? (Jillian @ Jillian The Bookish Butterfly)

I have very little s(h)elf control. Although I have tried in the past, book buying bans don’t work very well for me, whether I set it for a few months or a few weeks. For a while, I only purchased books I considered to be favorites, but I’ve since expanded my purchases to include preorders and books that are recommended by the book community. I have also found that if I consciously set a ban, I’m much more likely to think about buying books. The most effective way to control my spending would be to minimize my social media presence and read less reviews. Out of sight, out of mind, right? I don’t see that happening any time soon though. I enjoy interacting with the online book community too much.

After a fellow blogger tweeted about how much they spent on books and also thinking about my response to these questions, I’ve decided to track my book buying. I’m kind of scared to see how much I spend though…

What about you? Do you try to curb your book buying? Do book bans work for you?

17 responses to “Let’s Talk Bookish: Do book buying bans work for you?”

  1. I don’t “officially” ban myself from buying books. But, I will think to myself that I don’t need to go to the bookstore because I already have too many books.

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  2. I don’t officially ban myself and the only time I do consider buying books is if I don’t get an arc and I still want the book (and if I can afford it otherwise it goes to my wishlist aha).

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    • I do that too! It’s like giving myself multiple chances to be sure I still want the book. If I still remember it after not getting an ARC and want it, it’s a sign to get it. At least that’s what I tell myself (as it goes on the shelf unread…) 🤣


  3. I don’t officially ban myself but I have considered making a monthly budget. My issue there is how should you count a preorder? Some companies charge on purchase, some on shipment (at least here in Sweden). What is “reasonable” when some months have a ton of amazing releases and others don’t? Do you do a quarterly budget?
    So… what I do instead is simply monitor! I make lists in excel (I love making lists in excel!)
    I have a list of books ordered and one of books I -think- I want/need. I give them rankings which I go back and look at every so often and wait for special editions if at all possible. In general, I try to only buy things I’ve had on my list for a while or have first borrowed and read.
    Granted, this doesn’t work so well with new releases when you want a special edition, but those I try to limit to OwlCrate/Illumicrate, or instant-buy authors.
    I apparently have a lot of thoughts on this, good topic! =)

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    • I love your thoughts on this!

      You are so organized!!! I like the idea of a budget as opposed to a book ban. When I think book ban, for some reason it makes buying books even more alluring. 🤣 I like how you rank them and the questions you pose when you consider making purchases. I will definitely have to incorporate some of those questions as well.

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  4. I don’t do book buying bans, and I rarely buy books honestly. I usually buy a book because I read it in a different format and I want to own it physically. Or I buy a book whenever there is a sale. I probably only go wild with buying books once a year and that ties into supporting a local indie.

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  5. I’m limiting my book buying to only 2 per month this year. O.O It’s been hard as I’m used to reading closer to 5 per month. But I’m determined to stick with budgeting. As a book blogger, it would be even harder, I’m sure.


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