Let’s Talk Bookish: Buying secondhand books

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Prompts: Do you buy secondhand books? Why or why not? What are the benefits of buying secondhand? What are the cons of secondhand books? What do you recommend people do to better support secondhand bookstores? (Hasini @ Bibliosini)

I purchase new books but I also purchase secondhand books. If it’s a book that’s been out for a while, I often search for secondhand books online. The price difference between a new book and a secondhand one can be huge. This can lead to saving money and using that toward more books. Woohoo!

When buying secondhand books online, there more options in terms of price and condition. I tend to buy those that are in very good condition or better. I’ve found that sometimes “very good” is often nearly as good as new. When purchasing from a physical secondhand bookstore, inventory can be limited to what is at hand. What they have is what they have so conditions may vary.

To help secondhand bookstores, purchase secondhand books. If you have any books you no longer want, you can always donate them as well.

Do you purchase secondhand books?

12 responses to “Let’s Talk Bookish: Buying secondhand books”

  1. I love secondhand books! I once bought one online that turned out to be a signed copy even though it was never advertised as such. It was a very exciting find! 📚❤️ X x x


    1. That’s awesome! I love surprises like that!

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  2. I never thought about buying secondhand books online. I don’t buy many physical books as I mostly read ebooks and audiobooks now.

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    1. I love that my library is also on my phone! is there an audiobook you would recommend?


  3. I’ve bought some online but I love looking at used book stores. Sadly, there aren’t many where I live and those that we do have don’t always have a large selection of books in English…

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    1. I can spend hours at used book stores.

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  4. Used bookstores are great to visit because you never know what you’ll find.


    1. I agree! I’ve found things that I forgot about it and things I haven’t heard of as well.


  5. yourwordsmyink Avatar

    Bookstores overall are rare in SA, but we do have some awesome second-hand shops. I rarely find things there though, so I use Facebook Marketplace a lot. I’d love to buy more second-hand books but finding ones in genres I enjoy is difficult here.

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    1. Thanks for the rec! I just started using FB Marketplace to look for books.


  6. i love buying secondhand, and i it’s something i do a lot. recently, i’ve noticed the increase in national shipping prices so it’s actually becoming cheaper to buy brand new rather than secondhand, which is annoying.


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