For the Throne (2022)

by Hannah Whitten
ASIN/ISBN: 9780356516370
Publication: June 9, 2022
Series: Wilderwood #2

**Contains spoilers to For the Wolf. Please proceed with caution.**

**I was provided a copy of the book through NetGalley. I voluntarily read and reviewed it. All opinions are my own.**

Trapped in the Shadowlands, the only person Neve can rely on to find a way out is the one who led her there in the first place. As she desperately tries to reunite with her sister, Red also searches for ways to bring her home. While the sisters search for a way back to each other, the Old Kings trapped in the Shadowlands are also stirring.

The tone is darker with the majority of the book set in the Shadowlands. There are gods, grotesque creatures, and the land is desolate with danger lurking everywhere. The book is rich with descriptions, and it was easy to visualize the bleak landscape. I enjoyed the darker tone of the novel but missed the lushness of the Wilderwood. The writing is beautiful. Unfortunately, the book is slow-moving and repetitive, making for a somewhat sluggish experience. There were several times I nearly jumped ahead.

Neve was my favorite character in For the Wolf, and I was happy to have her be the focus with only a few chapters from Red. In the first novel, Neve’s love for her sister spurred her to commit acts that put the world at stake. She was a semi-gray character who tossed aside the consequences to save the person she loved most. Acknowledging her prior behavior, she takes responsibility for her role in the events leading to her entrapment in the Shadowlands. Her love for her sister continues to drive her actions, but she shoulders even more responsibility now than she realizes.

While Eammon was too tortured and “woe is me,” Solmir successfully exploited my soft spot for villains, especially the potentially redeemable kind. He is determined and singularly focused on destroying the Old Kings, willing to sacrifice those who might stand in his way. He doesn’t tiptoe around Neve as Eammon did with Red, which was one more reason why I liked him. I enjoyed their banter a lot. Also, I like a good enemies-to-lovers romance, so I couldn’t help being drawn to him.

The romance was a bit disappointing. Solmir’s feelings for Neve were clear toward the end of For the Wolf, but it reverts to a “does he or doesn’t he” situation here. I understood the reasons why, but this was frustrating. I wanted a full-blown romance between the two characters I had been wanting to see together since the end of the first book. Because of this change, the feelings were more subdued, and their chemistry was a little off. Ultimately, the romance was not as satisfying as I hoped, and I hoped so so so much.

For the Throne, like the first novel, is an atmospheric read with beautiful writing. If you liked its predecessor, you’ll want to read this one to see how it all ends. I was happy that Neve was the central character, but the romance was less developed than I hoped. Although the book gets repetitive, it is still a worthy read. Overall, I did mostly enjoy it.

5 responses to “For the Throne (2022)”

  1. I’m so glad you enjoyed it overall.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. For a minute there I was worried I wouldn’t. 😅


  2. Reading your review I realize I barely remember what happened in For the Wolf! I thought the pacing was a bit too slow in For the Wolf so I’m sad to hear that it doesn’t improve. I’m happy you still enjoyed! Did you see the author announce her latest title?

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    1. I agree about the pacing in For the Wolf as well. I was also disappointed about the pacing here too. I saw the cover today and thought it was an interesting cover. I liked it. I love Whitten’s writing but the pacing makes it hard. Do you think you will be reading For the Throne?


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