Let’s Talk Bookish: Books on vacation

Let’s Talk Bookish is a weekly meme created by Rukky @ Eternity Books and currently hosted by Aria at Book Nook Bits. Discussions pertain to topics related to reading or books. Share your opinions, and spread the love by visiting other “Let’s Talk Bookish” posts.

Prompts: What books do you like to bring on vacation? Do you bring any books at all? What kind of books do you think are good for a vacation? How much time do you usually have to read on vacation? What does an ideal vacation with a book look like?(Fives @ Down the Rabbit Hole)

I like to bring books on vacation; however, I opt for ebooks as opposed to physical copies. The exception to this is if I buy a physical book while on vacation. Any book is okay to bring on vacation. I bring books that fall within my favorite genres, fantasy and romance, but I also bring books I have to read for work. The hope with the latter is I will actually decide to do some work in-between having fun. Spoiler alert: This hardly ever happens. It’s mostly just wishful thinking on my part. Heh…

Because I use the app on my phone to read, I usually read travelling to and from a destination. This is when I have the most time, especially if I’m on a plane and there are hours to spare. When I reach the destination, there is less time to read but I will always try to get a few pages in. There’s always a line I’ll find myself standing in. Heh…

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5 responses to “Let’s Talk Bookish: Books on vacation”

  1. I agree, that the ebook is the way to go when on vacation. I don’t read as much when I’m on vacation either.


  2. I had so much fun with this week’s topic! I also rarely read on vacation other than on the plane or while waiting in the airport. Once I’m there I’d rather enjoy my time exploring and connecting with the people I’m traveling with. Over the years I’ve adopted the practice of buying one or two books as souvenirs if I can find something by a local author that I’m interested in reading (or if I find a really great used bookstore)
    my post

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    1. I really like the idea of buying one or two books from a local author while on vacation. I will have to do that too! One of goals is definitely to visit indie bookstores when I go on vacation.

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  3. I usually bring my kindle with me on vacation but I rarely actually read!

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    1. I completely understand! We need our books with us because it at least gives us the option of reading. What if we wanted to read but it wasn’t there? That woild be an even worse feeling. 🤣


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