Echo North (2019)

by Joanna Ruth Meyer
ASIN/ISBN: 9781624147159
Publication: January 15, 2019

Echo North is a fast-paced read that begins like a familiar fairy tale, but slowly morphs into something better.  When I started reading, I thought I had it pegged down, but I was wrong. As it diverged from the more well known tale to encompass those unfamiliar to me, I became completely engrossed by the magic and the mystery surrounding Echo’s new home.

Echo is the typical fairy tale heroine. She and her brother are raised alone by their father who later remarries. With a scar on her face left by a wolf she tried to save when she was a child, Echo is an unwelcomed sight to everyone except her family. She is kind and loves her father, so when she is asked to sacrifice her freedom to save her him she does not hesitate. While she appears to be the stereotypical heroine, it doesn’t detract from enjoying the book. It helps to make the tale feel both old and new especially as everything starts to come together.

While I enjoyed the book, I didn’t feel the same connection as I normally do with books and characters I like. I was detached from the characters, very much like an outsider watching the story unfold as opposed to being a participant. It didn’t take away from the tale, but it diminished the experience just bit. I don’t always have to connect to a character, but it makes the reading experience better when I do. Nevertheless, Echo North is an enchanting tale. It lulled me into believing I had heard it before until I realize it was so much more than it seemed. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys fairytale retellings.

One response to “Echo North (2019)”

  1. I prefer to connect with at least one character in a book. Nice review!


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