Romance Interlude 3.3

I realized that a lot of the romance books I’ve been reading have been because of Bookstagram. The first two I read because the excerpts were so good, I couldn’t ignore them.

The Guy on the Right (2018)
by Kate Stewart
Publication: November 12, 2021
Goodreads Summary
Series: The Underdogs #1
4 stars

One liner: After a series of failed relationships, Laney decides to remain platonic with her new friend Teddy despite their chemistry.

I was extremely jealous of Laney because I adored Teddy. Laney tries to swear off dating men, because she keeps dating guys who don’t have much substance. Teddy has a bit of a self-esteem issue, but it’s obvious that he’s a generally wonderful guy. He has substance and Teddy is perfect for me her. I loved their interactions with each other, and my glasses nearly fogged up when they decide to take the plunge.

Tennessee Truths (2020)
by Ashley Munoz
Publication: April 16, 2020
Goodreads Summary
2 stars

One liner: Faith is seeking a divorce from her husband and returns to her hometown only to face have to face her ex.

It has Sweet Home Alabama vibes with Faith’s return home to a small town and facing the man she used to love. I initially enjoyed the book a lot. Faith and Jace have such great chemistry. Even when there is awkwardness between them, there is desire just sizzling underneath. I was bothered by the fact that Jace never takes responsibility for his actions. This ruined the a lot of the book for me, because I was so frustrated with him. Faith keeps having to prove how much she loves him, but his secrets are what led her to leave town and marry someone else. She keeps having to apologize when he should just as apologetic toward her. I’m mad just thinking about it.

Cruel Money (2019)
by K.A. Linde
Publication: January 22, 2019
Goodreads Summary
Series: Cruel #1
4 stars

One liner: While house sitting for a client, Natalie meets her one-night stand Penn, who left her with a broken heart.

This one has Cruel Intentions vibes. Natalie and Penn have good chemistry and their banter is so much fun. Natalie tries hard to resist Penn’s charms, but it’s hard not to like him. As much as I liked the book, I was disappointed in the ending. I didn’t have the patience for it because I wanted standalones and this is not a standalone. It’s a trilogy that only has an HEA at the end of the last book. Honestly, I don’t feel like reading the rest of the books right now. Maybe some other time…

One response to “Romance Interlude 3.3”

  1. These all look great. I love that you found a book boyfriend! 🙂


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