Accomplished (2022)

by Amanda Quain
ASIN/ISBN: 9781250817815
Publication: July 26, 2022

**I received a copy of the book through NetGalley. I voluntarily read and reviewed it. All opinions are my own.**

Amanda Quain gives life to Georgiana Darcy in a modern spin on Pride and Prejudice that focuses on Darcy’s sister and her time at Pemberley Academy. It’s a fast read that fleshes out a character who had few scenes in Austen’s novel, expanding on her relationships with Fitz (Darcy) and Wickham. Georgie and her friend Avery also play anonymous matchmakers between Lizzie and Darcy, strategically giving P&P fans time between the two.

Pride and Prejudice painted Georgie as highly susceptible to Wickham’s influence, and Quain, in keeping with the source material, leads with this. Wickham has been expelled from Pemberley Academy, and Georgie is blamed for his absence. There is a fair amount of self-loathing as Georgie tries to find her place without Darcy and Wickham on campus. She spends much of the first half feeling like a burden and believing Darcy is better off without her. I almost didn’t want to continue reading because of the amount of self-deprecation. Gradually, Georgie shifts from a fragile character still healing from Wickham’s manipulation to having a mind of her own. The transition is done well and feels organic to her character development.

I learned to appreciate Georgie’s voice and personality. Rather than hero-worshipping her brother, Georgie’s relationship with Darcy is more complex and reflective of siblings. She has a life outside of adoring and listening to Darcy. She is a teenager navigating life and trying her best. She gradually falls in love. The romance is a slow burn but a sweet one. She makes mistakes. Her blunders were difficult to watch and I also cringed on her behalf, but she keeps moving forward.

I enjoyed Accomplished more than I thought I would. Quain successfully brings Georgie out from Darcy’s and Wickham’s shadows while keeping her a familiar character. I would recommend this to individuals who want to read a P&P retelling from a different character’s perspective. Individuals who enjoy young adult romances may like the book as well.

3 responses to “Accomplished (2022)”

  1. I just wrote and scheduled my review for Accomplished, and agree with everything you said here. I rated it slightly higher (4 stars) but I agree, the self-loathing was too much. But, I enjoyed the slow burn romance very much.

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    1. I enjoyed the romance too! Avery was wonderful.


  2. The Darcy sibling dynamic initially threw me off, but I agree! The complexity Quain added made their relationship feel much more realistic and believable. Thanks for sharing ♥


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