Lukas, Sometimes (2022)

by Tempest Phan
Publication: September 29, 2022
Series: Art of Sinners #2

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A billionaire romance with a touch of angst, a hint of forced proximity, and a whole lot of heat.


There once was a prince, in a bungalow by the sea…

He’s the ocean roaring into my life, an ocean whose depths I can’t resist even though I must. I want him, but I’m not supposed to want more. And yet, when I look at him, this damaged artist, this kindred soul who paints my dark world with his laughter and his pain, I want to give in…

But I can’t, not when I’m not the one he sees, not when doing so would mean losing my voice all over again.

There once was a prince, in a bungalow by the sea.

But he’s not my prince; he never was for me.


Along came a pixie, in a faded hoodie…

She’s the wave crashing through my world, the wave that brought me to my knees and threatens to sweep me under. I want her, but I’m not supposed to want more. And yet, when I look at her, this paperbag princess, this impossible minx who dances her way into my dark, I start to lose control…

But I can’t, not when I have nothing left to give, not when doing so would mean digging into the wounds of my past all over again.

Along came a pixie, in a faded hoodie.

Just a minx, a pixie… and she’s all that I see.


Tempest Phan loves ink, words, leather pants, and (scr)e(a)mo (#SorryNotSorry). She’s married to her own tattooed lawyer, and when she’s not running after their littles and pups, she spends her time hanging with book boyfriends and writing about broken heroes and indomitable heroines. (By the way, she’s never met a bar of dark chocolate that she hasn’t fallen head-over-Loubs for).

DAMIEN, FOREVER, her debut novel, launched in December 2020. It kicked off the ART OF SINNERS series where each book can also be read as a standalone. Stay tuned for LUKAS, SOMETIMES releasing on September 29th, 2022.

Psst! You can also stalk her here:

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**I was provided a copy of the book by Give Me Books as part of the promotional campaign. I voluntarily read and reviewed it. All opinions are my own.**

After being forced to relinquish the woman he loves, Lukas resorts to a life of solitude in his beach bungalow. Unexpectedly, Lily pulls him from self-exile when he notices her sitting on his beach every morning. Slowly, they strike up a friendship, eventually losing their hearts without realizing it. Damien, Forever left me reeling with heartbreak, so I waited impatiently for Lukas’s story. I needed a happy ending for the man who loved completely but was only ever second best. Tempest Phan gave me a story I relished in.

Lukas is tormented by his loss and resolute in never falling in love again. He’s more cynical about relationships than he used to be. My heart bled for him in Damien, Forever and continued to do so here. Thankfully Phan introduces Lily, who I liked nearly immediately. She is resilient and unwavering in her decisions. One of my favorite things about her was her hearty appetite. I thought they were going to be perfect for each other. Finally, Lukas would no longer be a placeholder, but Lily now had to contend with being second best. this tore at me.

The story moves along at a slow pace, but I didn’t mind it very much. It was emotionally driven, and my heart was on the line. Even when I knew where the story was heading, my heart still broke. I almost wish more time had been spent on Lily’s heartache so I could have had that time to come to terms with the pain.

Lukas, Sometimes is a beautiful story of grief and heartache, of two people who lose people they love in different ways and find each other when they least expect it. It’s a book I would recommend especially for romance readers.

5 responses to “Lukas, Sometimes (2022)”

  1. I does sound very emotional. I like the premise very much

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was happy with the the outcome.


  2. I am a big romance fan. Seems like an emotional read. Pls tell me it has a happy ending! 😐

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes. Definitely an HEA. I would have been so mad if it turned out differently.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahaha, good to know that!


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