Built to Last (2022)

by Erin Hahn
ASIN/ISBN: 9781250827098
Publication: October 18, 2022

**I was provided a copy of the book through NetGalley. I voluntarily read and reviewed it. All opinions are my own.**

When we meet Cameron and Shelby, he is on a plane rushing to see her while she has hit a low point in her life. He encourages her to make the necessary changes for a healthier life. A time jump to the present shows a happy Shelby renovating homes with her dad after taking Cameron’s advice. A chance to be back in the spotlight brings Cameron back into her life as well as her ex who will do just about anything to sabotage them.

Built to Last can be frustrating because the barrier to Cameron and Shelby moving beyond friendship is miscommunication. They get along easily, and more than once, both mention how easily they slip back into their friendship–it’s as though they have never been apart. Unfortunately, they tell each other so much except for the words that matter. Their problem would have been solved had they just been willing to put their hearts on the line.

While this is one of my most disliked tropes, it was not enough to prevent me from loving the book. While they hide their true feelings, they also talk openly about nearly everything. They have great chemistry together. Their friendship and flirting sustained me much of the time. Despite disliking the miscommunication trope, I cannot deny it helped build momentum for Cameron and Shelby finally getting together.

The miscommunication trope was easy to handle when compared to Shelby and Cameron getting together off the pages. One minute they were mad and frustrated only to have made up and talked, and then pages later Shelby confessed they had been hiding and making out nearly everywhere. The gratification of having them decide to finally be together was ripped from me. I flipped pages back and forth to ensure I was not imagining it, and alas, I was not. I was severely disappointed. The payoff toward the end was not enough to make up for it. (Obviously, I’m not bitter at all…hahaha)

Built to Last is not perfect, and there were multiple aspects of the novel that bothered me, but Shelby and Cameron’s chemistry was wonderful. They fell for each other when they were still kids, and never got over each other. They even made me a bit teary because this felt like the best kind of love. The one where two people just fit together, no matter how long it has been and no matter the distance. It appealed to the hopeless romantic in me. It was what love was supposed to feel like, and I wanted to hold onto it just a bit longer. This was the kind of love that was built to last. Individuals who dislike the miscommunication trope might not like the book, but those who enjoy a good friends-to-lovers romance will enjoy it.

3 responses to “Built to Last (2022)”

  1. I loved this too. It was much better than I expected.


  2. Great review, but I don’t like the friends-to-lovers trope. I am going to pass this one, but thanks for the recommendation. 🙂


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