A Guide to Being Just Friends (2023)

by Sophie Sullivan
ASIN/ISBN: 9781250624208
Publication: January 17, 2023
Series: Jansen Brothers #3

**I received a copy of the book through NetGalley. I voluntarily read and reviewed it. All opinions are my own.**

I had a wonderful time following the Jansen brothers as they found love in unexpected places and am sad to leave the series behind as Wes settles down. Wes has finally made his move to the west coast to continue working with his brothers and distancing their professional ventures from their father. Wes and Haylie’s become friends despite a terrible first meeting. Initially, they are committed to being just friends, but changing feelings threaten what they have come to mean to each other.

Wes was a bit mysterious in the other books with brief mentions and appearances. It was easy to be drawn to him and wonder what he was like. While I liked the idea of him in the other books, I was a bit disappointed as the mystery was slowly chipped away. Unlike his brothers, Wes felt more mechanical and often lacked emotion. He was serious all the time and always focused on his work. I understood where it was coming from and his feelings about love, but I could not help how I felt about him. It might have been different if I had not already formed my own image of him. Heh…

Haylie, on the other hand, was relatable. I easily connected with her, especially her feelings about relying on others. The fear of being let down is all too familiar to me. From time to time, I was also frustrated with her because she often took these feelings to the extreme. When this occurred, it often impeded my enjoyment of the story.

The spark between Haylie and Wes was the heart of the story. Sullivan takes her time developing their friendship and successfully turns it into a believable one. This was an especially critical component for me because they go from strangers to sharing a genuine friendship rather than already searching for something more from their newfound relationship as soon as they became friends. Haylie and Wes were nearly perfect for each other as they slowly learned to trust each other and those around them.

Similar to the first two books, the pace of this one also slows down around the middle. I did not have as much patience for Wes and Haylie to get together–I wanted them together now! Individuals who enjoy slow-burn romances and friends to lovers may enjoy the read.

Reviews for the first two books can be found below.

4 responses to “A Guide to Being Just Friends (2023)”

  1. I read this one too. I agree it did slump a bit in the middle.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It did…but it still turned out to be a good read.


  2. It was interesting to read your review! I’ve seen this book across a bunch of blogs recently and almost everyone raved about it, so I appreciate your input. It helps me feel like the information surrounding this novel is a bit more rounded!

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    1. Thanks for reading the review. It is a good one, but both characters can be frustrating.


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