The Second You’re Single (2023)

by Cara Tanamachi
ASIN/ISBN: 9781250842268
Publication: January 31, 2023

**I was provided a copy of the book through NetGalley. I voluntarily read and reviewed it. All opinions are my own.**

Sora is a freelance writer and a new project, going solo for for February, has taken off with readers. When Jack, an old elementary school friend, unexpectedly comes back into her life, it threatens her column’s goals. She has to decide to what to do when she wants the guy too.

I initially liked Sora’s voice and her unapologetic attitude about who she was. I chuckled a lot. She generally liked herself and shouted about her love of bacon. Bacon is delicious! While it starts with a good dose of humor, there are times when it borders on self-deprecation as opposed to making fun of herself in a healthy way. She would body shame herself and other people, which was supposed to be justified when those individuals turned out to be as judgmental as she assumed. These were symptoms of her insecurities, and I wish they had been better addressed as opposed to being wrapped up simply as self-love and empowerment because some of it was toxic.

The second half gets a little frustrating because it gets somewhat messy for Sora. I was trying to figure out what exactly was going on because she put herself into situations she did not need to be in. It’s not until it gets closer to the end that her revelations help to make sense of everything. Once that was cleared up, I appreciated the things that happened a lot more. Ultimately I appreciated some of what was relayed at the end.

I went in expecting empowerment but only got some of that. I enjoyed some of the humor and liked the fast pace. I generally liked Tanamachi’s writing and would consider picking up a second book from the author, but further reading would depend on how that second book fares. If the humor is dependent on the main characters bringing themselves and others down without introspection, consequence, or valid reasons, I would pass on future books.

(Jack is a sweetheart and a total cinnamon roll. He was my favorite part of the book, but he’s a one-dimensional character. I wish there had been more from him.)

2 responses to “The Second You’re Single (2023)”

  1. YES YES YES. The bacon bit got old so fast. Like, it started off cute and quirky, but I was quickly over it.

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    1. Yeah. There was potential, but it just kind of stayed potential.

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