Finding Our Perfect (2023)

by Stacey Komosinski
ASIN/ISBN: 9780374390181
Publication: May 12, 2023
Series: Happiness in Harmony #5

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Carefree Todd Sherman hasn’t been serious about a woman for years, until a brunette beauty with a thousand-watt smile crosses his path. Taking her college class seems like a great idea until one night he gives her a ride home and her lack of response to his admission leaves him retreating.

With a tarnished reputation and current status as her student, Todd Sherman doesn’t stand a chance with the gorgeous American Sign Language teacher. Her sweet, caring ways make him want to abandon his bachelor lifestyle for a real relationship. A failed attempt at asking Rachael Levans out results in a one-eighty from the former cocksure civil engineer. Now he buries himself in work, living life on autopilot.

Rachael isn’t prepared for the romantic interest from a suave and sexy friend turned student. Unlucky in love, her nerves soar whenever he’s near making her revert to old speech tricks to mask a stutter. His heart the size of Texas and old fashioned, gentlemanly manners draw her in and tempt her to cast aside her fears.

After circumstances force them to share a tent, will the small town of Harmony, Texas witness a broken hero and heroine come perfectly together through self-healing?


Stacey Komosinski grew up in a small Pennsylvania town strongly influenced by her mother’s passion for reading. She read her first romance novel in her early twenties and hasn’t stopped.

She writes slow burn, small town contemporary romance. She calls her style of writing “SWEET HEAT” where the reader experiences the development of a romantic relationship built on mutual love and respect, culminating in a powerfully passionate love story.

Stacey holds a master’s degree in molecular biology and is employed as a supply chain product leader in the pharmaceutical industry.

She makes the Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania her home with her husband, Teddy, and their large blended family.

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**I received a copy of the book from the author. I voluntarily read and reviewed it. All opinions are my own.**

This is my first book by Stacey Komosinski. Despite being book five in the Happiness in Harmony series, I had no trouble reading it as a standalone. As Komosinski’s bio states, “she calls her style of writing ‘sweet heat,’” which appropriately describes Finding Our Perfect.

Rachael and Todd’s relationship is indeed sweet with heat scattered throughout. While the book begins with both characters discouraged about romantic relationships along with a lack of efficient communication between them, their relationship is nothing but full of a willingness to share with each other. It was nice how they opened up to each other so easily after their initial hesitations. I appreciated this element of their relationship immensely. Communication is important in relationships, and it is featured prominently here.

Despite it being a sweet romance, my emotional connection to the relationship often flickered. The writing is straightforward, and I love my flourishes. I am all about feeling, so this mismatch sometimes made it difficult to experience their attraction as opposed to reading their attraction–I did not always feel the burn.

Finding Our Perfect is a sweet novel about two people who have had bad luck with dating and relationships but are willing to take a chance with each other. Readers who enjoy romances that focus on healthy, respectful relationships may like this one.

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