Wild Souls (2022)

by Faith Prince
ASIN/ISBN: 9798988119111
Publication: August 4, 2022

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Ethan sees right through skin and bone, his visions exposing the true nature of each person he meets. In his town, he’s known as a freak and a liar. Completely ostracized, he keeps his head down and avoids people. After all, there’s no point in uncovering the truth about people if no one believes you anyway. Everyone says he’s insane. Yet, Jenna likes him.

Jenna has no idea that Ethan can see straight through to her soul. She doesn’t know why he accuses upstanding citizens of heinous crimes—spurring hatred towards him throughout their small town. All Jenna knows is that he gets her offbeat humor and fascination with the paranormal. Spending time with Ethan is a welcome escape from wondering why her dad won’t answer her calls…

Until Ethan’s sixth-sense opens a gate to their souls—literally. As they face their inner-most demons, they could either fall apart or fall deeper in love than they ever imagined…


Faith Prince is a writer, cancer warrior, and YouTuber. She creates vlogs about writing, her cancer battle, and family life.

When Faith isn’t writing she enjoys spending time with her wonderful husband and son, traveling, taking long walks, and playing ping pong.

Wild Souls is her debut novel.

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**I was contacted by the author about reading the book. I voluntarily read and reviewed it. All opinions are my own.**

The premise for Wild Souls is an interesting one. When the author put it on my radar, I knew I wanted to read it. Due to unforeseen circumstances, it took me some time to pick it up, but I was able to finish it not too long ago.

Relationships can be complicated when one can see souls. Ethan’s ability to see everyone’s true nature makes it difficult for him to form relationships. The descriptions of souls and their manifestation as types of animals was creative because we often associate animals with certain characteristics. Ethan’s anxiety and his fears are aptly portrayed, evoking my sympathies but also secret wishes for him to fight back. When Jenna comes into his life, things begin to change for the better. He slowly begins to accept who he is rather than allow himself to be tormented by his ability. I liked the development of their relationship and Jenna’s positive impact on Ethan. They are great together.

The focus of the book is less on an overarching external conflict, but of two individuals falling for each other and of Ethan’s self-acceptance. There are multiple interesting subplots that help push the main plot forward; however, it also leads to jumping from one conflict to the next. Because of the sensitive subject matters of these conflicts, it would have created more depth to the story to spend some time on the implications of these actions with more than just encouraging words and quickly moving on to the next conflict.

Overall, I generally liked the story. I appreciated Ethan and Jenna’s relationship, especially how it helps Ethan step outside his comfort zones. The paranormal twist to this romance was my favorite aspect of the book. When I finished it, I just kept wondering what my soul might look like. Individuals who enjoy YA romances with paranormal elements may enjoy this one; however, be sure to review trigger warnings.

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  1. A Youtuber turned author? Interesting!


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