Love at First (2021)

by Kate Clayborn
ASN/ISBN: 9781496725196
Publication: February 23, 2021

**I was provided a copy of the book the publisher through NetGalley. I voluntarily read and reviewed it. All opinions are my own.**

After inheriting his estranged uncle’s apartment, Will returns to the apartment and unexpectedly meets Nora, the girl he saw only once but never stopped thinking about. Will doesn’t understand why his uncle would leave him the apartment and immediately makes it clear that he has no plans to live there, instead opting to turn it into a vacation rental. Nora and the rest of the building residents are vehemently against this, so Will finds himself at odds with the girl he never forgot. Despite their feud, Nora and Will are constantly thinking about the other as well as hoping to catch a glimpse of the other.

I’d been reading so many books where things between the leads get hot and heavy fast, where emotions (and limbs) just fling off the pages, that I’d forgotten what a slow, subtle romance could do, what it could feel like. It didn’t immediately take hold of me, and my interest may have waned a bit in the beginning, but then I began to fall into its rhythm–slow and steady. Rather than an onslaught of passion, it was whispers of attraction. It was the little things Will and Nora noticed about one another–a thumb silently rubbing a palm, the pink indentations from wearing glasses–that slowly seeped its way in. Before I knew it, I was smiling, and then there were flutters, the zings appearing and multiplying as Will and Nora gravitated toward one another despite their current predicament. The book left a lasting impression, one filled with a long sigh of contentment.

This is a slow read, but one that is so good. If you have the patience and the time, you’ll be rewarded with a quiet romance filled with quirky side characters–Dr. Gerald Abraham was my absolute favorite. The story alternates between Will and Nora so you know exactly how they feel about one another, how each struggles with their feelings, and why the problem isn’t necessarily one easily contributed to just communication. They’re both still processing grief in their own ways. Nora is protective of her found family but also resistant to change. Will hides his wounds and is hesitant to start a relationship despite how attracted he is to Nora. There are things each has to work through before they can decide what the next step is. Clayborn’s beautiful prose provides us a snapshot into their lives and I am so glad got to read it.

8 responses to “Love at First (2021)”

  1. Slow burn romances can be so satisfying 💕 Great review!

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  2. Thanks. Yes, they are satisfying! When leads get together in a slow burn romance, fireworks go off in my heart. 🎆


  3. It was a 3 star for me. I actually didn’t relate to Nora’s character at all.

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    1. I’m sorry. I know what it feels like when it’s hard to connect with the leads of a book. It affects the entire reading experience. What about Will? What did you think about him?

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      1. I liked him. He is sweet.

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  4. I love slow-burn romances ! I don’t know if this is the book for me but I hope I like it 🙂

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    1. Please share what you think if you read it! It’s definitely a slow novel so it might be a toss-up. I’ve heard good and bad about the novel but I liked it a lot.


  5. […] 3. Like Avery, Will becomes the reluctant heir to an apartment when his estranged uncle dies and leaves it to him in Love at First. Inheriting the apartment also means “inheriting” his uncles neighbors, which leads Will back to a woman he never forgot, one he only glimpsed when they were still teens. This is a slow read but it’s so good. The quirky side characters add a lot of charm to the book. (My review) […]


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