Quarterly Progress 2021: Q1 (January – March)

Wrap Ups are some of my favorite blog posts to read when I go blog hopping. Try as I may, I can never never get my own monthly wrap ups completed so I decided quarterly reports might be the most practical way to go.

  • READING GOAL: 125 Books
    This doesn’t really include all the rereads. My end of the year goal was to complete 125 books. If I keep up the momentum, it looks like I’ll be on the way to completing my goal ahead of schedule. I’m excited! I’ve already read 60 books from January through March.
  • BLOGGING GOAL: 51 Posts
    Woohoo! I not only met but surpassed this goal. I really didn’t think I’d be posting very much at all but I guess having a plan and being organized helps. Since the beginning of the year, I written more than 60 posts.
    If I continue to blog consistently, I will hit my 1 year milestone in June. I’m excited. When I started, I wasn’t even sure how this would all go. Now, it’s been nearly a year. Where has the time gone?! Is it too early for me to start planning a post for it? Heh…


  • participating in readathons when school is in session is hard. I had a difficult time trying to read all the prompts for Tropeical Readathon, and I also didn’t keep track as well as I would have liked. I’m pretty sure I didn’t track the books that were not challenges very well.
  • I am more likely to finish a book when I feel obligated or there seems a publication date is in sight. My turnover for books on my TBR was surprisingly not too bad, completing 10 of the original books on the Tropeical Readathon TBR and only exchanging out 4 book. I also read other things.

I liked it immensely when I first read this in January. Since then, I’ve already reread it at least once and skimmed my favorite parts multiple times. It still makes me fluttery inside. It’s safe to say this is probably my favorite book of this quarter. It keeps getting better the more I read it, becoming a comfort read. (My Review)


The writing is a different from what I’m used to from Loring but I still found it be wonderfully written. According to reviews on Goodreads I’m definitely in the minority on this (65% rate it 4 stars or lower; average rating is 4.98). It’s not overly funny like most of Loring’s novels, and it’s more complicated than most of her other books. The leads are with other people while they’re also in a strictly platonic marriage of convenience. While each was looking for something more, they both also understood their intentions when they got married so there were no unexpected expectations. The characters felt raw and more prone to making mistakes. I stayed in a book coma long after I finished it.


I’d highly recommend Mercurial; it book deserves so much more buzz than it has received. The magic system is unique. Two of the three characters are kickass females. It explores faith, redemption, and love. It’s fast-paced and kept me guessing how it would end. (My Review)


Ninth House just blew me away. I went in not expecting to like it very much because the beginning dragged a bit but then different pieces started falling into place. I’m still trying to write my review for this. It deserves a review. I understand why so many individuals praise Bardugo. I have all of the books Grishaverse books on my TBR and cannot wait to get started on them.

  • I will try to catch up on my backlog of ARCs. I was doing really well and reading them ahead of their publication dates but I had to switch my attention to work because of an impending meeting, which also led to a bit of blogging slump. That week ended up toppling what little progress I was making at bringing up my ratio NetGalley. I am trying to stay hopeful here but darn it if more great books aren’t already coming out!
  • I will finally read Cinderella is Dead (2020). Completing this book has remained elusive for some reason. Okay…let’s be honest. I’m a total mood reader so I keep jumping on new books instead. I need to jump on this book though.

10 responses to “Quarterly Progress 2021: Q1 (January – March)”

  1. OMG 125??? That’s amazing! Mine is likee 50 and I’m already struggling hahah

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re so funny! I am struggling too! Lol I kinda wish I had set out to read less because I keep looking at that number going…why did I do that to myself?? I didn’t factor in life. Hmm…when will I sleep? 🀣🀣🀣


  2. Wow. You are completely smashing your goals at the moment – I’m so inspired by how much you’ve read and how many blog posts you have written. I’m at a point where I really need to sit down and have a focused planning session of what I want and then action in. Good luck for the next part of the year but you’re smashing it!

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    1. Aw…thanks! Blog hopping helped keep me motivated with reading and writing posts especially when I was heading towards a slump–I enjoy reading your blog posts by the way. I’d see a book review and think, “I need to read that!” Keeping a blogging calendar helped a lot too. You can dooo it!!


  3. Great post! You have already read 60 books this year. That’s well, ……. mind-boggling. Keep it up! πŸ™‚

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    1. Thanks for the extra motivation!


  4. Oooh, this was really fun to read! I should definitely keep on top of my blogging goals and document them more. After blogging for almost 6 years (full-time from the start), it’s tough for me to differentiate between what my goals are and what I just expect to do at this point haha. I am having fun tracking my reading though!

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    1. Thanks. You are total blogging goals by the way. 😁


  5. Wow! You’ve been doing so much reading and blogging and I’m so motivated by it. Thanks for sharing in such detail about the books and how your goals have been going!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw…thanks. 😁


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