Meet Cute (2019)

by Helena Hunting
Publication: April 9, 2019

Kailyn is the fangirl in all of us…if we were lucky enough to have our famous crush literally fall over us and then be horrified when 1) we blurt out, “I love you,” 2) ask for an autograph, and 3) find out we share a class after this embarrassing debacle… cute, I mean. If only…right? In the present, Kailyn has successfully built her career as a trust lawyer and unexpectedly meets Dax (the aforementioned famous crush) again when he walks into her law firm seeking her help.

Sometimes there is a need for a book where it’s easy to see what’s coming, something that doesn’t pull any extra punches. Meet Cute was the right book for me at the right time. After reading so many books with “unexpected” surprises, I needed something fairly straight forward that would still provide me with zings and make me swoon. I didn’t realize that was what I needed until I started reading Meet Cute. Sometimes, things are exactly as they seem. The hero is really the hero. The villain is the villain. The butler really did do it. Kailyn is smart, doesn’t take any shit, and genuine in her willingness to help those who need her. Dax is a responsible and attentive individual doing what the best he can as his sister Emme’s guardian. Emme is a sweet kid trying to understand her new “normal.” All three have wonderful chemistry together. It’s easy to root for them for a happy ending.

In a time where the unexpected is expected, predictable novels like Meet Cute become the unexpected. It included many of my favorite tropes such as enemies-to-lovers, the cute kid, and a (former) idol falling in love with an average person. It’s a positive reflection on Hunting’s writing that she stirred my emotions and kept them aflutter by just greasing the wheel rather than creating something entirely different. I recommend this novel for anyone looking for a good romance without all the turbulence–it might get a bit bumpy but you’ll get to the other side just fine. It’s worth noting that I loved the epilogue–probably one of my favorites now. (I’m putting out a call for a meet cute and this particular epilogue IRL–ahem RM, ahem Jin)

**1/3/2022 Update: This has since become one of my favorite novels by Hunting. It’s a comfort read now.

8 responses to “Meet Cute (2019)”

  1. I’m so glad I picked it up! It was an impulse buy because the ebook was on sale. πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜… I can totally see the fluffy expectation because the cover and the description both skew that way. Not gonna lie, the cover partially contributed to the impulse. I’m glad you liked it too!


  2. thebrowneyedbookworm Avatar

    I’m so glad you enjoyed it!!! Meet Cute was a novel that positively surprised me by not being what I expected. I expected fluffy, and got something different instead, and enjoyed it way more because of it.

    ~ Corina |

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  3. Amani Salahudeen Avatar
    Amani Salahudeen

    This looks SO freaking cute!!!

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    1. I really liked the book. It’s not as fluffy as the title and cover make it out to be but the fangirling is really cute…I imagine that’s how I would be if I met Ji Chang Wook. Hahaha.


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