Fellowship of the Ring Tag

The Fellowship of the Ring tag was created by Unputdownable Books, and I found it over on Shelves of Starlight.

I love the movies but haven’t read the books except for The Return of the King. I read it because I couldn’t wait for the last movie to come out. Ha… I’ve had the tag saved but all my drafts just kept pushing this tag lower until I nearly forgot about it. I’m excited to finally do this one!!


Gandalf – a book that taught you something.

There’s always something I’ve taken away from every book I’ve read. Romance novels have particularly helped me with being more comfortable in my own skin and given me different perspectives on relationships. Love Her or Lose Her, for instance, gives insight into how not all love is shown in the same way. Some individuals show their love their actions as opposed to words, and it doesn’t necessarily mean they love you any less. (My review)

Frodo – a book that left a mark on you.

How about a scar on my heart? The ending was one of many alternatives I suspected. Suspicions are one thing, but to read it, to experience it is another. I was left in shock. (My review)

Legolas – a book you finished in one sitting.

I’m cheating a bit here since this is a novella. At just under 200 pages, it was a fast read. I read a review that said this was a must read, and I have to agree. I enjoyed the novella so much, more so than the couple’s actual novel Happily Ninja After. It ends abruptly, so it’s good to have their book on hand. (Review from Feeding My Addiction Book Reviews)

Gimli – a book that features an unlikely friendship.

After Ellie’s boyfriend breaks up with her, she ends up being grouped with a bunch of boys she doesn’t really know in their home economics class. Soon, working together in the class also spills into friendships outside of the class. This is a cute, light read I enjoyed. (My review)

Merry – a book that pleasantly surprised you.

I will be posting up a review for this soon, but I needed to put it here today. This book was a pleasant surprise. I enjoyed it so much despite the pain of unrequited love. Baines made me cry. (My review is nearly done; Review from the Lit Buzz)

Pippin – a book that made you laugh.

This was my first book by Kayley Loring and solidified her as one my favorite romance authors. I was looking for Christmas books and took a chance on it. It’s hilarious! I couldn’t stop laughing when I first read it. The audiobook narrators are also wonderful. (My Mini Review)

Boromir – a book/series you think ended too soon.

I know I can’t stop shouting about how much I adore this book. The ending was fitting, but I can’t help wanting Milan to write more. I wasn’t ready to leave behind my new favorite kick ass protagonist. (One day I’ll finish my review; Review from The Last Reader)

Sam – a book with memorable side characters who stole the show.

Kayley Loring needs a second showing here because her books always contains a cast of characters who steal the show. While the book focuses on Scarlett and Dylan’s relationship, their family members steal the show through emails and text messages. (My review)

Aragorn – a good book with a bad/average cover.

The cover is unique, not a bad/average cover, and didn’t exactly entice me at the time, but the blurb was really interesting. It turned out to be such a great book! I enjoyed it immensely. (My review)

Gollum – a book that had great potential but disappointed you in the end.

In the Ravenous Dark had all the makings of an excellent book. I was hooked from the beginning but was disappointed when the pace was incredibly fast, jumping from one event to the next, without allowing me to take in everything going on. Additionally, lust and attraction was suddenly love without much development. (My review)

if your blog or your name has a “K”
and if the tag is something you’d enjoy doing.

I especially love tags like this one because I get to think of the movie and characters as I connect them with books. I must go watch the movies now. Enjoy! I hope you decide to do the tag. I can’t wait to read your answers!

12 responses to “Fellowship of the Ring Tag”

  1. I loved The Secret Recipe for Moving On! So cute!

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    1. It was super cute! What was your favorite part?

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      1. It’s been a while since I’ve read it, but I loved it whenever Ellie was having a good time with her group and her ex was watching 😅😂

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      2. It was such a good feeling when they were all starting to friends. ♥️

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  2. i’ve never heard of this tag before but it sounds fun! lovely answers! it’s a shame about in the ravenous dark – it sounds like a good book :/

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    1. Thanks. I had fun matching up the characters and books. It really is a shame about In The Ravenous Dark. The premise is so good.


      1. honestly, it sounds amazing, it’s such a shame

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  3. I read Yes & I Love you recently and really enjoyed it. I love this tag, you did such a good job with it.

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    1. Aw…thanks. I’m glad you enjoyed Yes & I Love You too! Did you have a favorite character?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I enjoyed Hollyn, I felt for her and her need to hide out.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I felt the same as well. I was super proud of her at the end.


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