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I was tagged by Marta The Monogamist Reader. Marta has wonderful content, including a feature that lists the new YA releases of the week. It’s one of my favorites along with many of Marta’s reviews. Please check out her blog and follow if you haven’t already done so.

I’m not sure where the tag originated, but if you know, please let me know and I will update the post!


What do you like about buying new books?

I love the excitement of knowing that I will be on a new adventure soon. I enjoy holding it, the weight of it in my arms as I clutch it to my chest. Books are wonderful.

How often do you buy books?

I’ve been buying books more often than I used to because ebooks make it too easy to add something to my library. I purchase ebooks every few days when books I want are on sale. Print books are different matter. It depends from week to week if there is anything I want to have for my shelves.

Bookstore or online book shopping: Which do you prefer?

I want to say bookstore, but I’ve been I’ve been shopping online more often. Sometimes I want certain editions or I want to read it right away.

Do you have a favorite bookshop?

I’ve been trying to support more independent bookstores. I wish there was one in town, but there isn’t. I love Books of Wonder, because the books are wrapped in paper and then bubble wrapped when I receive them. It always feels like I’m opening a gift when a package from them comes in. I would also like to one day visit Waterstones.

Do you pre-order books?

I’ve fallen victim to pre-order incentives and like to pre-order books when I can. However, the incentives are just little extras. I’ll pre-order when it’s a book I can’t wait for. For instance, I’ve had Fonda Lee’s Jade Legacy and Andrea Stewart’s The Bone Shard Emperor preordered for a while now.

Do you have a monthly buying limit?

I really need to set one! The only thing that makes me feel a teensy bit less guilty is that I forgo buying certain other wants when I think about spending the money on books instead. Hahaha… Take out? Not tonight. I can use that for books instead.

How big is your wishlist?

My wishlist is technically my TBR and vice versa. It’s long and I should remove some. I’m sure I’ve forgotten half of the books on there!

Which three books from your wishlist do you wish to own right now?

I can’t wait for my print copy of The Bone Shard Emperor…and I’m already anticipating the last book in the trilogy. I’ve heard so many great things about An Ember in the Ashes. I have an ebook of An Ember in the Ashes but I really want a print copy. I also have an ebook of Attachment Theory (My Review), but I’ve been refreshing daily to see when the audiobook might be available. Loring has the best ensemble cast with her audiobooks.

I’m Tagging YOU.
If this is something you might enjoy doing, please do it and tag me. I’d love to read your answers!

This tag was fun but also made me reflect on my spending habits. Why must reality be forced on me? I am probably in need of a buying limit and likely have to curb my moods to minimize impulse buys. I do a lot of that!

Fall Bucket List Book Tag

I’ve been trying to catch up with tags. I’m so sorry if I haven’t completed some of them. Sometimes WP doesn’t show me if I have any pingbacks so I’ve been trying to search through what I can. I was tagged by Francesca Lucy from Rarely in Reality. The Fall Bucket List book tag was created by Read With Tiffany. It’s perfect for the season!

Light a Scented Candle – A Book That’s Lighthearted

Wow. This one was a hard one! I think Blade of Secrets fits this pretty well because Levenseller infuses the story with a lot of humor. At one point three of the characters loudly discuss the other and what his intentions might be while he pretty much just tells them, “I can year you all.” I’m definitely looking forward to the second book. There’s magic. There’s adventure. There’s romance. (My Review)

Drink Pumpkin Spiced Lattes – A Book That Has a Lot of Hype

Don’t kill me, ya’ll! I must confess that I’m not the biggest fan of anything pumpkin-flavored. I’ve never actually had a pumpkin spiced latte, although I hear it’s all the rage. Iron Widow was a book I was excited about. While there were things I didn’t like about it, Zetian is such a kickass protagonist. (My Review)

Go Apple Picking – A Book That Has Fun Friendships

The Bone Shard Daughter has one of my favorite friendships. Jovis is a smuggler and he ends up saving a creature from the ocean, Mephi. What is it exactly? I’m not sure, but Mephi steals the show, and their friendship is one of the highlights of the book. At first Jovis doesn’t want to keep Mephi but they slowly become inseparable. Mephi is all sorts of adorable. (My Review)

Wear a Cozy Sweater – A Book That Warms Your Heart

When I think of autumn reads, especially one that is warm like a sweater, the first book I think of is A Cuban Girl’s Guide to Tea and Tomorrow. I read it in November and now I associate it with the season, not only because of the warm tones of the cover but the sweaters Lila wears. It also gives Taylor Swift’s “Cardigan” vibes. Read this with a cup of tea. (My Review)

Bake Cinnamon Rolls – A Character Who’s a Talented Chef

This one is a short story that I recently read. I’m working my way through the entire Love All Year 2021 multicultural anthology but “Yes, Chef” is about a lawyer who enlists the help of a sous chef to teach him to cook when he tells his mom he will cook Lunar New Year dinner. It’s short and sweet. If only all short stories could be like this one. (My Review)

Jump Into a Pile of Leaves – A Book That Made You Jump For Joy

I jumped for joy when I was approved for The Bone Shard Emperor. I couldn’t keep my excitement down. I pushed pause on everything and read the book in one sitting. If you enjoyed The Bone Shard Daughter, you will love it’s sequel. It’s possibly even better than the first book. Yes, there’s a lot of Mephi! I’m still working on a review for this. (Review from Under the Radar SFF Books)

Thanks for tagging me, Francesca Lucy! I TAG:

The Bookworm’s Book Tag

I was tagged by the wonderful Kat @ KBbookreviews. Kat has read some fun books including In The Ravenous Dark and Six of Crows. If you’re curious if they’re goods reads, make sure to read Kat’s reviews! Also make sure to read Kat’s responses to the book tag.

The Rules:

  1. Thank and link the blogger who nominated you
  2. Include the tag graphic in your post **
  3. Answer the 10 questions the blogger asked
  4. Nominate 5-10 bloggers
  5. Ask your nominees 10 book related questions
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  7. Have fun!

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1. Do you have a favourite book quote? If so, what is it?

This is a hard question. I have a Quotes feature with quotes from books and other places. A recent favorite quote is from Mhairi McFarlane’s Just Last Night (2021):

2. Who is your favourite book character from your reads this year?

My most recent favorite character hails from the Ignite the Stars duology, the Blood Wolf herself, Ia Cōcha .

3. If you could only recommend one book to someone, which book would it be?

I just did a Let’s Talk Bookish post on this and chose The Sun is Also A Star. I love how everything takes place in a single day and its infusion of the scientific method.

4. You have found yourself in trouble but can have the help of one book character, who would you partner up with and why?

Oooohhh!!! This is a good question and a really difficult one. I am going to have to say… shape shifter Simon Wolfgard from Anne Bishop’s The Others series. I have a book crush on him (he’ll keep me occupied so I don’t freak out about the trouble) and he’s also a problem solver with connections (I swear this is the real reason why I would partner up with him…hahaha).

5. Who are your top three favourite book villains?

6. Do you prefer single or multiple POV books?

I’ve learned to enjoy multiple POV books, but I can’t have too many POVs or else I get antsy because I want to get back to the main character. Two and possibly three is a good number for me.

7. What is your favourite and least favourite genre?

I love fantasy and romance the most. They’re nearly on equal footing. My least favorite genre is probably horror. I scare easily. If I read a horror novel, I don’t think I’d be able to sleep for a while.

8. Do you own an special edition books? If so, which ones?

Do collector’s editions count? The only ones I can think of right now are Shadow and Bone and The Six of Crows duology. I haven’t read them but I couldn’t help but purchase special editions because they were so pretty. I also lucked out and got Illumicrate’s The Poppy War trilogy special editions.

9. Which authors are auto-reads for you?

  • Rachel Lynn Solomon: Solomon’s writing is impeccable. Today Tonight Tomorrow remains one of my favorite novels. Recommendation: Today Tonight Tomorrow
  • Stacey Lee: Lee reminded me why I used to love historical fiction and her protagonists provide a nuanced glimpse of history that is normally absent from history books. Recommendation: The Downstairs Girl
  • Suzanne Park: Park’s characters are relatable and I love the humor in them. Recommendation: Loathe at First Sight

10. What is your favourite mythical/magical creature?

Dragons reign supreme for me. They’re the reason I fell in love with fantasy in the first place.

My Questions:

  1. I’m stealing from Kat and would like to know, do you have a favorite book quote? If so, what is it?
  2. What is the first book you can recall that made you realize you would be a lifelong reader?
  3. What was your first 5-star read this year and why?
  4. What is a place you’d like to visit because you read about it in a book? It can be a fictional or nonfictional place.
  5. Which character from a book would you like to trade places with for a day?
  6. What book would you change the ending to?
  7. What is one of your favorite tropes and a book that does it well?
  8. Who is a secondary character you adore and deserves a book of their own?
  9. What is your favorite retelling?
  10. What is one reading goal you have for the remainder of the year?


Please do not feel obligated to complete the tag.

The Mid Year Freakout Book Tag

I was tagged by Saniya @ sunnysidereviews. I enjoy Saniya’s insight on books and adore the blog’s banner. It’s cute! If you get a chance, check the blog out!

The Mid Year Freakout Book Tag provided an opportunity to look back at my year thus far, mostly good with only one or two not so good.

The Best Books You’ve Read so Far

Because I’ve read quite a few I consider to be best books this year, I’ll limit it to just a few that come to mind. The most recent one is Ignite the Stars. I’m still reeling from the end of the duology and all the emotions Milan put me through.

New Releases You Haven’t Read Yet, but Want To

I waited impatiently for these and when they arrived, I was too anxious to read them.

Most Anticipated Releases for the Second Half of the Year

I am so excited for all of these, but probably especially The Bone Shard Emperor. Andrew Stewart keeps teasing it and the third book on Twitter. It’s so devastating because it cannot get in my hands fast enough.

Biggest Disappointment

I am so angry with this book. Last year, I also had a historical romance novel that disappointed me also. Argh.

Biggest Surprises

I adored both of these two books. I’m still working on the review for Ignite the Stars. Spoiler alert: It’s 5 stars.

Favorite New to You Author

Stacey Lee
After I read The Downstairs Girl, I quickly went through the rest of her novels. Lee reminded me why I used to love historical fiction. Her historical fiction novels provide a glimpse of the history through the lens of those who are often removed from history. I’m eagerly awaiting the addition of her next novel.

Favorite Debut Author

Angeline Boulley
Boulley’s debut was an instant number 1 New York Times bestseller. I normally stay away from thrillers, but Daunis is a compelling character and many of themes resonated with me.

Newest Favorite Characters

Ia Cōcha
The Commonwealth’s most wanted criminal. A hero to rebels. Ia is badass. I love her.

A Book that Made You Cry

A Book that Made You Happy

Favorite Post You’ve Done this Year

This was a fun post and I’m hoping to do another discussing some other book related topic.

Books You Need to Read By The End of the Year


Please do not feel obligated to do the tag if you would prefer not. If you do, I’m looking forward to checking out your answers.

Three Bookish Things Book Tag

I was tagged by Jenny @ JenJenReviews in July. Thank you so much for tagging me!

As Jenny notes in her tag, the origin of Three Bookish Things seems to be unknown although it was possibly started on Instagram. If you or anyone knows who initially started it, please let me know!

Three read once and loved authors

  • Leigh Bardugo
    I’ve only read The Ninth House for a book club and it blew me away. I loved it. I plan to remedy this, but I’m not sure when. I have The Grishaverse on standby though.
  • Tricia Levenseller
    I read of Blade of Secrets and became enamored with Levenseller’s writing. The plot was fast-paced and the characters were entertaining. I’m hoping to start the Daughter of the Pirate King soon. (Um…my poor TBR)
  • Sarah MacLean
    MacLean set the bar really high with Daring and the Duke, and now I’m a bit afraid her other books won’t meet the bar. As soon as I find another book from MacLean that sounds as good, I will give her another chance.

Three titles I’ve watched but haven’t read

  • Brooklyn
    I first watched Brooklyn because I was in the mood for something historical and I also love Saoirse Ronan. I’m not sure if I will read the book, but it will remain a movie I rewatch. Domnall Gleeson is also in it, and I’m very partial to him too.
  • Stardust This was one of the first movie premieres I attended. There were multiple surprises throughout with great performances from Clare Danes and Robert Deniro. I like to rewatch this one a lot. It’s turned into a comfort movie.
  • Game of Thrones
    I binged Game of Thrones while waiting for the last season. I’m an Arya Stark fan. I was not a fan of the last few episodes though. Unfortunately, with the book series still unfinished, I probably won’t be reading it. Maybe in the future?

Three characters you love

  • Jo Kuan (The Downstairs Girl) is smart and understands her worth. The advice to the letters she receives for her column are clever; some even hilarious. Here’s one I loved and had to make a post for.
  • Karigan G’ladheon (The Green Rider) is courageous with a sense of duty and loyalty to her kingdom. She’s more than willing to speak her mind, even though it can get her into trouble.
  • Liya Thakkar (The Trouble with Hating You) defies the stereotypes people have of what she should be like. Even though she has a tough exterior, she’s also incredibly kind sweet. She’s kind to the people who love her and more than willing to stand up for them. I saw bits of myself in her.

Three series binged

  • Clandestine Magic Trilogy
    I can’t recommend this trilogy enough. There twists and there are turns. There’s romance and lots of magic. It’s pretty much a mash of all my favorite genres together with a dose of political science. Don’t let the latter deter you because this is a fantastic trilogy!
  • Green Rider Series
    I’ve binged this a couple of times. Why? This is one of my favorite medieval fantasy series. Every time I think I have the world figured out, there’s more to learn about it. I’ve followed the series since nearly the beginning–over 20 years–and I don’t regret it one bit.
  • Throne of Glass
    Does it count if I’ve never read Tower of Dawn and don’t really want to? Chaol broke my heart so I couldn’t bring myself to read it. It was difficult to get into the first book, but when I finally did, I couldn’t stop. I was a zombie afterward.

Three favorite book covers

I think the covers speak for themselves. I love the silhouette on the cover of Before I Saw You. The image and colors for The Sound of Stars is stunning. How beautiful is the sky for Under A Painted Sky?

Three goals for this year

  • Take a leadership development course. This pertains more to work life since I’ve been charged with greater responsibilities that forces me to play a more visible role when I’d rather just help from behind the scenes.
  • Be more comfortable with promoting my blog. I still have this desire to allow it to be as obscure as possible because I’m self conscious about what I write. What if I have no idea what I’m writing about?
  • Read Jade City. I’ve heard so many good things about the book and Jade Legacy will be out soon. I need to read it this quarter, so next quarter can read Jade War.

I tag:

The Piano Playlist Tag

I was tagged by Jenny at JenJenReviews back in May but wasn’t able to do this until recently. Thanks for tagging me! This tag was originally created by Moi at Bookish Blunders!


  • Post the rules in your post.
  • Answer all the questions and if you’ve never heard any of the songs, listen to them before you answer the questions.
  • Link the creator and the person who nominated you (Moi @Bookish Blunders).
  • Nominate 8 people. Only 8. (Why? There’s no Symphony no. 9, so)
  • Use the featured image I’ve posted on this tag. (It’s drawn by Moi, and she’d like some recognition)
Piano Playlist

**I created a playlist in case you would like to listen to the songs.**

Beethoven – Moonlight Sonata: A book you read that had an unexpected plot twist near the end

Revolutionary is the final book in the Clandestine Magic Trilogy. There are multiple unexpected things throughout the trilogy but this one had particularly good ones. The trilogy is a must read for fans of alternative histories, historical romance, and fantasy.

Lizst – La Campanella: A book that you couldn’t even finish

One day I will finally finish Melissa Foster’s She Loves Me (Harmony Point #3) but that one day looks pretty far away. It started off good but then I couldn’t go a few pages without having to stop to take a break. I decided I needed a break from it.

Rimsky-Korsakov – Flight of the Bumblebee: A book that was crazy and chaotic that you couldn’t even figure out what was happening

I liked The Mask of Mirrors but it was a bit difficult for me to follow at times. It was slow at the beginning. I couldn’t understand some parts of the magic system and there were so many people I couldn’t remember them all. I didn’t bookmark the glossary or realize there was one until close to the end.

Mozart – Rondo Alla Turca: A book that is so over-recommended that everyone and their grandma has read it (it’s still good, though)

We Hunt the Flame is one that is on the list of a lot of people I follow on Twitter as well as blogs I follow. I had my doubts when I first started the book, but it proved to be exactly what everyone said it was. We Hunt the Flame is a wonderfully written book. I loved it.

Beethoven – Für Elise: A book that has been one of your favourites for ages

One day I will finally write a review for it but until then Kristen Britain’s Greenrider will continue popping up when this question is asked. The world building is exquisite. It’s a prime example of medieval fantasy at its best. The Karigan of the first three books is one of my favorite protagonists of all time.

Chopin – Fantaisie-Impromptu: A book that is high up on your to be read list

There are so many books I want to read! Fonda Lee’s Jade City currently sits high on the list but being a mood reader has kept me away from it. I’ve heard so many great things about it. One of my goals for this quarter is to start and finish reading it.

Beethoven – Sonata No. 17 “Tempest” 3rd Movement: A book that you love but isn’t that well-known

Colleen Cowley’s Clandestine Magic trilogy is superb. I couldn’t stop reading it once I got my hands on it. The first book in the trilogy is Subversive and is my favorite of the three, although the other two are great as well. I think more people should read it.

Mozart – Eine Kleine Nachtmusik: A book that is extremely long, but you still like it

I was recently approved for Winterlight, the upcoming 7th book in the Green Rider series. I’ve been following the series for what seems like forever. I was so excited and scared to read it. It’s over 800 pages and I recently finished it, but hadn’t expected to do it so soon. Now I’m waiting for the next book and it might be a few more years until then.

Debussy – Clair De Lune: A book that was wonderful from start to finish

Mark of the Wicked set me off on a paranormal binge. I found a few books to read but Air was by far the best of them. I didn’t expect it to be as good as it was. The writing is consistent and the plot kept me turning the pages. This is my first book by L.B. Gilbert and will certainly not be the last.

**Claire De Lune is one of my favorite pieces**


I’m tagging a few folks, but please don’t feel pressured to have to do it.

The Reread Tag

I saw this tag at a few places, but most recently at Kristin Kraves Books. I love rereading books. It’s one of the indicators of how much I enjoy a book, so I needed to do this one.


1. A childhood favourite that you could read 100 times and still love.

Can you believe this was written in 1958? I had to read this for class a long time ago, but I now consider this a favorite and read it a few years ago. I remember liking the romance in this…I still do. It’s sweet.

2. A book you DNF’d but would be willing to give a second chance to.

I started it back in February but had to temporarily put this on hold while I tried to catch up with work and reviews. I am currently trying to finish reading it. (Review from Debjani’s Thoughts)

**Update 08/27/2021**
I finished it in April 2021. My Review.

3. A newer favorite you would reread.

I adored this book. I already reread some of my favorite parts and will likely be rereading the whole thing soon. (My Review)

4. A book you hated and never want to read again

I’m not sure if I would say that I hated it as much as I was extremely frustrated with the main character who changed on me. I had such high hopes and then it was like I didn’t even know her at all. Don’t even get me started on the love interest in here. He made me mad too. (My Review)

5. A classic you read in school but want to try again.

I think Great Expectations might be something to reread just to see how I might feel about it now versus how I felt about it in school. This also just reminded me of Mono’s “Life in Mono” from the movie soundtrack. I included it for nostalgia’s sake.

6. An author you would reread anything from

This is a hard one but the first author I thought of was Lucy Score. She writes steamy romance novels. Of those I’ve read, there have been at least a few I’ve given 5 stars or nearly 5 stars too. Here are some of my recommendations.

7. A series you want to reread for the fun of it

This was one of my favorites in 2020. Colleen Cowley crafted a series that hit all the right places and a slow burn romance that had me wondering, “if this isn’t loooooove then why does it hurt so bad?” (Okay… so those aren’t the lyrics but please listen to Ruth B’s “If This is Love” and sing the above for the chorus instead. Ha…)

8. A book you’ve read but want to listen to the audiobook

Because it’s a good book and I know I’m doing an awful job pronouncing words, I’d like to listen to Firekeeper’s Daughter. For someone who has always had her name mispronounced throughout life, I think it’s important to try to get it right. (My Review)

If you decide to do the tag, I’d love to read your post!

Liebster Award

Many thanks to Julie at One Book More for nominating me. Her blog is awesome, and I enjoy many of her reviews. Her recommendations have contributed to my already leaning tower of TBR. She’s already (deservingly) received multiple Liebster Awards, and I’d love to tag her back if I could. Please do check her blog out if you have not already done so.


  • Thank the blogger who nominated you.
  • Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you.
  • Nominate 11 bloggers.
  • Ask your nominees 11 questions.
  • Notify your 11 nominees.
  1. How long have you been blogging?
    I’ve only been blogging since June and still a noobie, trying to learn my way around. The bookish community has been great!
  2. If you could interview on author, who would you choose?
    I would love to interview G.A. Aiken. Aiken’s The Scarred Earth Saga was a fun read, and I’m looking forward to more books from the series.
  3. Do you prefer series or standalones?
    Standalones (that are often part of a series…heh)
  1. What is your favorite genre(s)?
    I love fantasy and I love romance so fantasies with romance are close to my heart.
  2. Do you prefer to read one book at a time or more than one?
    I try to read just one but I usually end up reading a few at once, bouncing back and forth depending on what I feel like. Moody…I know (hehehe)
  1. What is your most anticipated read?
    For the Wolf – Hannah Whitten
    Whitten’s updates on Twitter are killing me. The excerpts sound sooooo good.

    Broken Web (Shamanborn #2) – Lori M. Lee
    I’m excited to find out what happens to Sirscha Ashwyn and her bff Saengo.
  1. What is the name of the last book you loved?
    Anna Richland’s His Road Home (2014) is a novella but it’s so good. I just finished rereading it. I know this is one I’ll come back to again.
  2. Do you have any blogging goals for 2021?
    I would like to continue blogging (heh…). When I first started, I really wasn’t sure if I would be able to make it past the first month, and now it’s already been nearly 6 months. (WHAT?!) I am eyeing the 1-year mark for 2021. I hope I make it!
  3. If you could vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go?
    I’ve wanted to go to S. Korea for a while now but I’d also like to visit Japan, specifically Todai-ji Daibutsu-den where the deer roam around freely.
  1. What’s your favorite thing to do besides reading and blogging/writing?
    Eat, sleep, watch movies/series
  2. Do you reread books?
    I’m a serial rereader. I’ve reread my favorite books multiple times. Case in point, see answer to #7. Hahaha.



  1. What song do you currently have on repeat?
  2. What books do you look forward to reading in December?
  3. What is your favorite quote from a book?
  4. If you could vacation in any book, which book would it be?
  5. What is one piece of wisdom you would like to share for new bloggers or those thinking about starting a blog?
  6. What blogging goals do you have for 2021?
  7. Coffee or tea?
  8. Although 2020 has been a difficult year, what is something that brought you a smile this year?
  9. What is a book you ended up liking more than you initially expected you would?
  10. What is a trope you are particularly fond of?
  11. Which OTP do you currently ship that others should also jump on board with?

Sunshine Blogger Award

I’m very grateful to Julie from One Book More for nominating me. I greatly enjoy her reviews and hope you’ll check out her blog!


  • Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you and link back to their blog.
  • Answer the 11 questions sent by the person(s) who nominated you.
  • Nominate 11 new blogs and write them 11 new questions.
  • List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or on your blog.

My Answers

  1. Describe your blog in three words?
    self-indulgent, simple, rant(y)
  2. What are you currently reading??
    I just finished Happily Letter After by Penelope Ward and Vi Keeland. It wasn’t bad.
  1. Do you have a favorite reading spot?
    Yes. My current favorite spot is on the sofa with a blanket and loads of pillows.
  2. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? What would you do?
    Good question! I would really love to go S. Korea so I can go visit Gyeongbokgung Palace and maybe visit Seoul Tower. I’d really like to eat my way through different cities in S. Korea (hahaha…)

  1. Do you prefer series or standalones?
    This question is harder than it seems but I’ll go with standalones (that are part of series…hehehe)
  2. If you could only read three authors for the rest of your life, who would you choose?
    G.A. AIKEN – I’m a newly minted fan. I’ve greatly enjoyed The Blacksmith Queen and The Princess Knight. The Scarred Earth Saga is imbued with humor and strong female warriors. It’s a fun read.

    ANNE BISHOP – The Black Jewels Trilogy (I know it’s a series but I really just like the first three) and The Others are among some of my favorites from her.

    KRISTIN BRITAIN – I’m a fan of The Green Rider and the first couple books in the series. I’ve reread them multiple times.
  3. Which three secondary characters do you feel should have their own series?
    ALISON (Just As Long As We’re Together & Here’s to You Rachel Robinson) Maybe not necessarily a series but at least a book in the existing I’m still bitter that she never got her own book but her two best friends did.

    YSBETA LAVAN (The Midnight Bargain) needs her own book. I don’t know if Polk will write a follow-up, but I’m sure Ysbeta has accomplished some great things that we need to know about.

    WILLOW ROSENBERG (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) really needed to have her own spinoff. She was super smart and came into her own in the show. I loved her. Buffy would not have survived without her.
  1. Other than reading and blogging, what makes you happy?
    I love to eat, sleep, and watch movies/shows.
  2. What is your favorite season?
    Autumn is currently my favorite season. The leaves changing and the rain (limited though it may be where I’m at). I’m about to go make some vegetable soup to enjoy.
  1. What book inspires you?
    I really enjoyed A Cuban Girl’s Guide to Tea and Tomorrow because it provided introspection: sometimes plans change and it’s okay because these changes may bring about outcomes that are better than if you stuck to the original plan.
  2. What is your go-to comfort genre?
    Romance. Definitely romance.


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  2. Mehsi |Twirling Book Princess
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My Questions

  1. What are you currently reading?
  2. What is a food/drink you want to try after reading about it in a book?
  3. What are you looking forward to as the year comes to a close?
  4. If you could be the villain for one day, who would it be and why?
  5. What is the theme song for your favorite character?
  6. What book(s) deserve a live-action series/movie adaptation?
  7. What is your least favorite trope?
  8. What is one of your favorite books that deserves more love from the bookish community?
  9. What movie/show contends with being as good as the book it is based on?
  10. What is one resolution you have for 2021?
  11. If your life were a book, what would be the title?

The Hallotober Tag

Thank you, Liza from The Inharmonious Heroine for tagging me!

The Hallotober Tag was created by Jordanne from The Life of A Glasgow Girl.

Hallotober Rules

  1. Thank the person who tagged you and link to their post 
  2. Put the rules at the beginning or after introduction
  3. Answer the 13 questions 
  4. Tag 13 people to do the tag 
  5. Delete Question 13, add a new number one question of your own
  6. You are free to use the tag image somewhere in the post

My Answers

  1. What’s your favorite spooky book?
    I don’t do horror or spooky well but I must say Hanna Alkaf’s The Girl and the Ghost (2020) is spooky (at least for me) and one of my favorite reads this year.
  2. What’s your favourite thing about October?
    I like that it’s the start of the cold season in California (U.S.), and I can start eating more chili and all sorts of soups. Although not as picturesque here as compared to the rest of the country/world, I do love watching leaves change colors.
  1.  Are you a big celebrator of Halloween?
    Not really. I like Halloween, and I love dressing up but I never get to because no one wants to dress up with me.
  2. What’s your favourite horror movie?
    I am terrified of anything remotely scary. I’ve tried to outrun my shadow before I realized it was my shadow so you can only imagine how horror movies make me feel. This likely does not qualify as a horror movie but one of my favorite movies is The Frighteners (1996).
  1. Would you rather a cosy night in watching horrors or a big night out in a costume?
    The cozy night but please no horrors.
  2. Which has been your most favourite costume to date?
    Does it count if I haven’t actually worn it? Even though I can’t technically go anywhere this year, I decided to go steampunk with leggings, corset, coat….the works. We’ll see how that pans out…
  3. Bobbing for apples or pin the hat on the witch?
    Bobbing for apples.
  1. How do you celebrate Halloween?
    For the last few years, I’ve accompanied my nieces trick-or-treating. When I tried to stay in, I was roped into going because they wanted to know why their auntie didn’t want to go with them. (Sucker for kids…)
  2. What’s your least favourite horror?
    Hmm..Nothing comes to mind at the moment. I probably haven’t watched enough.
  1. Do you have a favourite trick or treating memory?
    Because we weren’t going anywhere too far from the neighborhood, our chaperone (either dad or uncle) would let us sit in the back of the truck so we didn’t have to walk. It was so much fun.
  2. What’s your favourite thing about Halloween?
    I love how excited kids are when they’re dressed up and walking door-to-door. It makes my heart happy. (I’m sappy. I know…)
  3. Scary costume or silly costume?
    Silly costume.
  4. What’s your favourite Halloween candy?
    Anything chocolate will do for me! I have a sweet tooth and eat just about anything.

My Questions

  1. If you were paid $1 million to stay the weekend in a house that was haunted, would you do it?
  2. What’s your favorite spooky book?
  3. What’s your favourite thing about October?
  4.  Are you a big celebrator of Halloween?
  5. What’s your favourite horror movie?
  6. Would you rather a cosy night in watching horrors or a big night out in a costume?
  7. Which has been your most favourite costume to date?
  8. Bobbing for apples or pin the hat on the witch?
  9. How do you celebrate Halloween?
  10. What’s your least favourite horror?
  11. Do you have a favourite trick or treating memory?
  12. What’s your favourite thing about Halloween?
  13. Scary costume or silly costume?

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